Saturday Craftiness

October 13, 2012 · 0 comments

The boys, after doing much whining and complaining and WAH! WHEN? CAN WE? -ing, were finally allowed to do some crafts today. My poor, deprived children and their lack of things and crafting and whatnot. {roll eyes}

Anyway, in addition to my cool duct taped pumpkin idea, courtesy of Shauna, I took a couple of inspirations from Heather and Jill as well, and made them my own.

I actually made my own Halloween wreath last year, which I found when I got the decorations out today, so I modified my black wreath to be a candy bowl holder spider instead.  Preston’s My monster wreath is hanging on the playroom door.

Monster Alien Wreath Spider Wreath Candy Holder

Matt’s My Spider Wreath on the table holding goodies.

Best of all, my mom came to hang out for awhile. Ever since the boys went back to school and she went back to work (again), we don’t see her much. The boys got to show off and even played a game with her.




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