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Saturday, I spent some time experimenting with a couple of recipes.

First, I made crockpot baked potato soup.  I used a recipe I found online. I didn’t modify it much, other than add a little more in the way of spices.  It cooked for hours and although I think I made it a little too smooth (crazy emulsion blender), it was pretty good. The boys weren’t crazy about it, but that wasn’t surprising.

The other thing I made was sourdough croutons. I’d previously made them, but never wrote down what I had done, so I had to start over.  I’m trying to make them as close to Cracker Barrel croutons as possible.  Whatever I did, they must have been acceptable since the boys and Mike ate the entire cookie sheet filled with croutons as the day went on. They were good, but I need to do a bit more experimenting to get them exactly right.

Last weekend, I experimenting with other things – more important things than food. Instead of staying home when the boys went to the little league fields to play some ball, I decided to suck it up and go with them. Not only did I get to hang out with them and get some pictures, but I hit the ball off a tee for the first time in memory. I wasn’t great (also, was using a kid bat), but it was FUN and I was able to give Matt some fielding practice. I’m so happy I went.

Afterward, we went to lunch as a family.  Those are the moments that make all of the side effects and fear and fighting worthwhile.


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Angi September 24, 2012 at 10:59 am

Those pictures are adorable. It looks like they had a blast.

Thinking of you and your wonderful family. I’m sending all the good juju I possibly can your way!!!! Keep fighting.


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