From weeds to bushes; from fear to ok

August 18, 2012 · 0 comments

Yesterday I started pulling weeds in the front landscaped area of our yard. To say that it has been neglected would be a slight an understatement. Between just being busy with life, being sick, having pain, the weather and for me, the sun, the yard had seen better days.

Today what started as pulling weeds turned into pulling out some bushes, pulling all of the weeds and planting new things. We now have two new bushes, a daisy (I love daisies – they’re so happy) and some mums. I also replaced the dead flowers on the front porch with new, pretty mums. We put fresh mulch all around, too.  It looks so fresh and uncluttered now. The boys helped quite a bit, which was nice. They’re finally getting to the age of actually being helpful, which is great!

Tomorrow, we tackle the area on the other side of the porch, which now looks even more overgrown!

I’ve been scared of the sun since I got the sunburn a few weeks ago. I’ve been good about wearing sunscreen and my coverups, but I’ve still felt pretty vulnerable in the sun. When Mike pointed out that I was totally scared, I realized that I was being overly cautious and it was silly.

Today, I slathered on a couple of layers of sunscreen, reapplied often and wore my fancy UV protected pants and big floppy hat. I’m fine. My hands hurt like hell, but that’s another story!

I’m losing my hair on the Zelboraf. Not in great clumps, but it’s painfully obvious to me now when I run my hands through it, wash my hair, look at my pillow case in the morning. I’ve always had a lot of hair. Fine hair, but tons of it. Not so much anymore. I always figured, since I wear my hair short, that it wouldn’t bother me much, but it’s bugging me. Mostly because I can see it as thinner on my head.  I like my hair. I’m sad it’s falling out. But, with all of the side effects, I have to find the bright side…at least I still have some hair. At least my joint pain isn’t 100% terrible 100% of the time. At least I have been (so far) spared the nausea, fatigue and rash side effects. At least I can continue to live my life mostly normally. At least.


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