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I feel like an idiot.

Yes, I know all of the sun sensitivity risks of being on Zelboraf. Cover up, sunscreen all the time, etc. I’ve been fairly diligent, at least with sunscreen. I use a lotion with SPF 15 after I get out of the shower and then I use a 30-55 Sunscreen before I leave the house. I keep a cover-up in the car so no sun is on me directly while driving. Sounds ok, right?

Yesterday, the boys were playing outside with the neighbors. I wanted to be around, so I figured I could go sit on the deck in the shade with my book and all would be well. The gazebo cover plus the sun shade seemed to keep me completely covered, so I thought all was well.

Oh, how wrong I was.

At first I thought maybe I was getting The Rash, but as the evening went on, I realized that my redness was just red and had distinct lines.  All on my left side: face, neck, arm, leg.

Last night


another view


And earlier today, I found a small blister patch on my face and my upper arm. Of course it hurts like any sunburn does, but my pride is a little achy as well.

I was warned. I was told. I guess I just didn’t believe that I would get burned in the SHADE.

Hard lesson to learn.


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Brittany July 30, 2012 at 11:28 am

You’re not a dumbass. The sun is. I’m sorry you are blistery, I’m thinking of you, when you’re up for it, I hope we can have dinner soon!


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