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July 23, 2012 · 1 comment

It’s nearly after midnight and I’m still wide awake…ok, maybe not WIDE, but still awake, and not in bed.

I’m feeling a little more like my old self {whatever that means} tonight.

I’ve been screwing around, working on my office website, trying to make it a bit more pretty, a bit more…more.  Learning new things, making new things, doing stuff. Stuff I used to do when my body wasn’t working so hard to fight this cancer. Cleaning, being creative, doing things.

My feet are killing me in an awful way – the soles of my feet are swollen and tender {imagine calluses or blisters all over your feet…now imagine standing on them}.  My left shoulder joint is sore, my wrists and knees are goofy and my right ankle resembles a baseball more than an ankle, but that’s just the way it goes with these side effects. My hands are better, but my thumbs both hurt. I’m typing and screwing around on my computer anyway, because I can at least do that.

It sucks the things I can’t do right now. Mike and the boys went golfing, I couldn’t. Way too hot to wear all of the layers I need to be out there safely, plus, foot pain means I can’t really walk. The list of things I want to do with the boys is long, but some of them will just have to wait until cooler weather.

The boys are pretty great when it comes to handling the side effects I’m having. Of course, it doesn’t mean they jump up to get the dog for me every time, or get themselves things that they totally can when I’m near, but they get it. As much as anyone can, I guess.

Dr. L is keeping me on this slightly reduced dose due to the joint pain side effects. I’m not sure how long, but I have to say, the longer we can put off the additional side effects (severe rash, nausea, fatigue) with the increased dose, I’m alright with it.  Of course, if the lower dose isn’t doing its job, then I say rash, here we come! 🙂  I have an appointment with him on the 1st for blood work, so we’ll talk more then I guess.

I know the pain sounds (and I look) horrible, but seriously, this is much better than the IL-2 side effects. I can deal with some joint pain and swollen, painful feet short term if it kicks cancer’s ass long term.

Oh, and since I’ve been playing around with the office website, don’t be surprised to see some changes around here, too. It’s a little addictive.

Tomorrow Matt wants to play around with Photoshop. Maybe I should let him make himself a little (private) blog for fun. Might as well encourage his nerd-like tendencies!




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J.J. July 25, 2012 at 9:19 am

Glad to hear that you are felling a bit more like yourself. Hugs!


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