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March 25, 2012 · 1 comment

I’m trying to get all of my ducks in a row before my surgery next week. Mostly because I’m currently going in blind and have no clue how long I’ll be in the hospital or in recovery mode. I’ve got the Easter things for the boys, caught up on the office supply needs, have a spiffy new laptop table, am almost caught up with laundry and am about as prepped and ready as I can be.

I’ve also

  • Started a twitter friends fitbit group called Twitterbits. So, if you use a fitbit and are a twitter friend, come join us!  Mike asked me today why, since I won’t be walking for at least a couple of weeks! hehe, oops. 
  • Downloaded movies and tv shows and book samples galore to my iPad and Kindle. Read anything good lately?? Share with me in the comments! I think I’ll catch up on my entire year book goal while I’m mending.
  • Had a lovely lunch with Mike and Preston yesterday while Matt was at a birthday party. Those two are so hilarious and cute together…I adore them and am so lucky.
  • Spent a little time with my Godmother yesterday who brought me a prayer quilt that her church made for me. It’s a strange and wonderful feeling to know so many people worked on something and prayed for me – someone they don’t know at all.
  • Had lunch with my brother, mom, Bo, Mike and the boys today to celebrate my brother’s birthday.
  • Took a brief nap on the swing on the deck
  • Cried over P losing his first tooth. My BABY lost his first tooth. It’s all growing up and being big from here on out.

4 more days. FOUR.

Wait, this day is basically over. 3 THREE.

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shine March 27, 2012 at 11:46 pm

So glad you’ve had some time to prepare and get things ready for the downtime you’ll have…not exactly the break you were looking for I’m sure tho! Thinking about you and know you’ll get through this just fine. You have support in so many places and in so many people, so don’t be afraid to ask…even if it’s just to play on the computer to distract you from boredom! Hugs to you my dear friend!


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