February 28, 2012 · 14 comments

I got the dreaded phone call today. The melanoma is back – it’s in the lymph nodes they took biopsies of and in my right ovary. They’re going to do surgery to remove those nodes and the ovary (turns out that cyst from the fall might not have been just an innocent cyst after all).  I’ve been assured that it’s all still in one area, but warned that the nodes are deeper this time, so a little more extensive of a surgery may be necessary. Unfortunately, removing more lymph nodes increases the chance of the lymphedema (excessive swelling) in my leg, so that will suck, but I can live with it.

Dr. L mentioned that once the surgery is done, we’ll talk about additional treatment possibilities. Last time the risks and side effects of interferon outweighed the possible benefits, but this time we might need to do something.  Right now I don’t know if that means chemo or radiation or some other drug…I’m taking it one step at a time. Surgery first and then we’ll talk about that stuff.

Now I wait for the call from the surgeon to find out when.


In more light-hearted news, my kids are finally starting to understand the extent of my awesomeness.

The other day, Matt wanted to know how many minutes are in a year. Instead of grabbing my phone and using the calculator app, it occurred to me that I could let them know in SONG! I got into my iPod, flicked through a few menus and turned this on.


The best part is that I’ve never even seen Rent, but I love this song and was totally able to use it to impress the crap out of my kids.

To Mike’s dismay, the boys have been singing it tonight and Matt wants it on his iPod. HA!

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