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February 19, 2012 · 1 comment

I was working on cleaning up and reorganizing my home office today. Probably as some way to have some control over something right now or avoidance or just boredom.

Anyway, I came across a lot of great pictures and I got myself all teary and snotty and such. Anxiety is at an all time high for me – I didn’t think I was nervous about my appointments this week, but my body and subconscious are obviously telling me otherwise. Add in the ever-exciting work/money/general life issues and I’m a wee bit o’ mess.

Let’s enjoy some pictures, eh?

First up, one of my High School Senior Pictures – rolled pants, Converse…how cute was I?

Next we have our beloved Riley (aka: Fooby, the foobs, Dorkdog) We lost him in February a few years back and he still holds a very special place in our hearts.

 He was quite the snuggler.

And those ears? Never missed a thing.

Look at this picture of my babies!!


 And this picture of me & Mike?! We were SO YOUNG! (And damn was I thin). (And I think I saw that hat recently).

So there you go…a few pics from the past just for fun.


I started watching the show Royal Pains last night.  Well, actually, I started last week when I accidentally watched a current season episode and found myself intrigued.  Just one more in a list of tv shows that I want to watch all the way through the series. (See also: Gilmore Girls (on Season 4) and Friday Night Lights (on Season 3?))


The boys don’t have school tomorrow.  Originally we were supposed to meet up with some classmates of theirs to go to an indoor play place, but I haven’t heard from either of the moms. I guess I’ll see what happens tomorrow.


That’s all for now….off to bed for me. I’m sure I’ll be asleep before the boys are!

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sarah piazza February 25, 2012 at 7:39 pm

That last picture of you two is so damn cute!


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