New year, same (?) pain

January 4, 2012 · 1 comment

It’s apparently a new year. I mean, I KNOW it is, we even had friends over to celebrate the other night, watching the ball drop in Times Square.

Sadly, I was suffering from severe back/hip/leg pain that really beat me up by midnight. I’ve been struggling with it for about a week now. I’ve been to the chiropractor and even had a massage. I’ve been living on Excedrin Back & Body, heating pads and ice packs. Monday, it finally seemed to subside a little bit. I was figuring it was maybe a pinched nerve or worse, another ovarian cyst.

I had been planning on calling my OBGYN on Tuesday morning, but the cyst-like pain was gone, and I was down to a slight pain in my hip. In the meantime, though, a lovely gastro-issue has taken up residence, and the cough I picked up from Preston has settled nicely into my chest.

I’ve been a medical nightmare (ok, bad dream) since Thanksgiving!!

And then tonight, my lovely husband told me I’m “always” hurt or sick. Ouch.

As if I want to be. Because I’ll be honest, if there were a chance that I could be just a little sick and get a couple of days of doing nothing, watching tv, not being responsible for anyone or anything and not have to worry about work? I would almost want to be. BUT, that’s not the case.  My office always needs something. {the one day I told them to only call if there was an emergency, they called 5 times}. The kids need things. My husband needs things. The house needs things.

And then today I read a good article on The Curvy Girl Guide by Dr. Curvy.  Go here. Read. Come back. And it opened my eyes.

I commented with the following

My issues are (a) that I don’t want to be a bother (silly, I know), and (b) I have no idea which doctor to see for which affliction!

For instance, my back was hurting, so I went to the chiropractor and even got a massage. Pain continued and moved/radiated. Figured it was probably another ovarian cyst, but happened over New Year’s and by the time the OBGYN office opened on Tuesday, the pain had lessened dramatically. Now I have a slight twinge pain in my leg, near where I had lymph nodes removed. So now, do I call my oncologist or PCP? And what about the nausea that I’ve got going on? Is it all related or separate things? And how do I explain it?

I’m not really asking, but just giving you an idea of my thought processes. I think we, as women, tend to worry and over-think. Over the course of the past few days, I’ve, in my head, had a cyst, slipped discs, pinched nerves, ovarian cancer, reoccurrence of melanoma and more. But by the time my doctor sees me, it’ll all seem to be in my head.

And then I started thinking about those symptoms, and other random symptoms I’ve had and started wondering if maybe, just maybe, there is something really wrong.

I’m making a list, with dates, and calling my primary tomorrow. Maybe all of my symptoms mean nothing and are completely random. But maybe they aren’t. Maybe they are all in my head. But I owe it to myself to find out once and for all.


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andrea frazer January 5, 2012 at 5:53 pm

Happy New Year! I hope you feel better soon. Long time no read. I hope to catch up on blog posts slowly but surely. Andrea


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