Jumping in

November 17, 2011 · 0 comments

I tried hard to come up with some pun-like title using leaf and leaves, but I couldn’t concentrate. A week or two ago, the weather was pretty nice and the leaves had really started to fall [from the one tree in our yard that loses them in the fall]. The boys wanted to be outside and decided to rake some leaves up.

Remembering how much I loved jumping in piles of leaves as a kid, I grabbed my camera and suggested they make a pile and jump in them.  They were so excited! Of course, it took them forever to just move a few, so I took the rake and control.  Soon we had a small pile and they jumped on in.  They buried themselves, buried each other, threw armfuls into the air and generally had a blast playing.  I couldn’t help but jump in and throw some leaves on them myself!

Unfortunately, I was fighting with the focus on my camera that day, so most of the shots weren’t as good as I had hoped, but I got a few good pictures and the memories are perfectly clear.

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