Candy & Carving

November 3, 2011 · 0 comments

Halloween was good this year.  The boys both decided on good costumes that weren’t totally terrible to put together / make.  (Well, except for Matt’s shirt, which is another story, OY)

Preston was a Wizard – I made his robe, which turned out well, but I will never, ever work with tissue lame again. That stuff practically frays if you look at it wrong!! He picked out a hat at a halloween store, and improvised with a Harry Potter wand (that was so annoying we took the batteries out!!)


Matthew decided on Indiana Jones.  The pants, boots, jacket, hat & whip were all really easy! The shirt? Ugh. It was nearly impossible to find a button down shirt that fit the costume idea.  I even tried to dye a white one! The first time it turned out peach and the second time? Dark brown but with purple undertones!!  Mike found a waffle knit henley and we went with it.  I made his satchel out of some felt and spare fabric I had around.

Trick or treating was great this year – the kids were all good, the weather was damn near perfect, and we had more neighbors/friends join us to walk around.  Having a big group was a lot of fun!

A few days before, we carved out pumpkins.  Preston was a bit grossed out by the innards, but Matt didn’t mind too much and even ended up carving two – one on his own!


My mom stayed to give out candy this year. It was so nice to come home to someone here and not have to leave the candy cauldron on the porch! Unfortunately, that means we have WAY TOO MUCH CANDY! Ours didn’t get given all away and the boys came home with a ton.  Thankfully, I can take it in to my office for patients to eat.  And Matt wants to give some to the troops and / or Ronald McDonald House.

Next up, Thanksgiving! Love Thanksgiving at home. Good food, most some of our family and the Lions on TV.  The boys want me to replace all of the Halloween decorations with Thanksgiving ones…now there’s a challenge!


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