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It’s hard to believe that Matt turned 8 years old today.  In some ways, I hardly remember him being a baby, but if I close my eyes, I can see clearly those first days. We were so scared and excited; we had no clue what to do with a tiny little person, but our instincts (it turns out) were good.

I looked in the backseat of the truck yesterday at Mike’s prompting – Matt was sitting back there, iPod in hands, earbuds in, listening to music. He suddenly looked 16. It goes by too fast.

8 will certainly bring many changes to my first born.  Third grade! New friends and old. More independence (is that possible?). He’s always talking, always thinking, always making new rules, and always right.  He dislikes speaking on the phone, is unsure how to respond to happy birthday or compliments, and is generally polite.

He loves chocolate milk, although is starting to love regular milk as well.  He loves experimenting with drinking soda: he likes Sprite/Sierra Mist and Root beer, but only a few sips and only if it has turned a little flat. He started chewing gum during baseball season, but he really is more in love with the idea of it more than the practice. He would eat pop tarts and oreos and any other junk food all day, every day if he could, but he loves crab and salmon and steak and peas and corn and green beans.

He adores his baby brother and his Elly (still). He’s tall and lanky and hard to sleep with because he’s all arms and legs. He’s a night owl and would rather play on his iPod or read until the wee hours than get good sleep.  He reads a lot of different things – chapter books, comic books, twitter over my shoulder… His current love is reading Garfield, which is so funny, because I LOVED Garfield at his age.

He will argue that he’s right all day, even when he realizes that he’s not. He makes crazy faces, weird noises and is 100% boy through and through.

He loves sports. He is a Tigers baseball fan, a Lions fan, a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers thanks to his uncle Scott. He loves U of M and is starting to love hockey.  He’d play football or baseball any day of the week, with one person or 20. He plays soccer and he is a pretty good defenseman.  He loves to play sports on the Wii and the Playstation. He is our sports kid.

He’s my first born. The one that taught us how to be parents. Taught me how to be a mom.  He’s my Shooey.

Birthday Boy

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