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It’s been a long road with potty training our boys.  Matt was horrible, Preston is worse.

We’ve tried everything with Preston. Rewards. Punishments. Ignoring it. Making a big deal. Avoiding it. Taking his favorite things away. Paying him.

He just doesn’t care.

He doesn’t mind being wet. He doesn’t care about the <gag> feel or smell of poop in his underwear. He’s just too busy.

I don’t think anything happened; I don’t think he’s been traumatized or hurt in any way. I honestly think he’s just lazy, just really doesn’t want to go.  No pain, no problems that way, he just doesn’t want to go. 

Our newest form of bribery motivation is a jar of marbles.  Every time he pees, he puts a marble in the jar. #2 is 2 marbles.  But for any accident, he loses twice the amount. I was hoping that a physical reminder would serve us better.

I just don’t know.  He loves getting the marbles (such a satisfying clink they make!), but while he is upset when he loses some, it doesn’t seem to motivate him.

In the meantime, I’m losing my marbles.  I know it will click eventually, and I will ask his doctor at his visit in a few weeks, but do you have any ideas?!

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Lisa August 17, 2011 at 8:51 pm

Hey there, the only thing that worked well in our house (4 kids) was smarties ( or whatever small candy choc ur kid likes) Ours got one for a wee and 2 for the other. I also found it easier in winter as they were inside not outside miles from the toilet playing. It is worth asking ur Dr but it could just be that he is slow on this area. I would say don’t punish. Every hour take him the the toilet, don’t ask he needs to go, just stop whatever ur doing and go. He may not do anything every time, but he will learn that this will happen every hour.
Good luck Mommy, I know it’s frustrating. My last still has occasional accidents, and if you speak to a continence nurse they will tell you this is very common, just not many parents admit it


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