Cleaning and Purging and Painting, oh my!

July 15, 2011 · 0 comments

I tackled the playroom (again) the other day.  It was a long, involved, ridiculous process, but I think I’m getting somewhere with it.  Unfortunately, I know there are some things that I pulled out of there that the boys will ask for, so I didn’t get them so far as Goodwill, but I did at least get them out of the playroom. Sadly, they were moved to the (absurdly overflowing messy) basement.

See, the problem with the basement is that it needs to be purged, desperately.  When that’s done, the rotation will logically be Playroom->Basement->Goodwill.  Right now we are stuck with Playroom->Basement. It makes me all angsty (it IS so a word!) to know all of that stuff is down there, under my feet.  I have nightmares that it starts multiplying and then just bursting out the seams of the house, coming up the stairs, through the vents….

I do try to take it one thing at a time, but I just want to get everything done! So currently, I have carpet samples for the family room, paint samples and my inspiration piece for our master bathroom and bedroom, spackling on the family room walls and dreams of somehow making room for everything in our kitchen and being able to close cupboards slowly and calmly [instead of slamming them shut quickly in order to keep everything from falling out. What? You don’t do that?]

Really, though, it’s not my fault. Being at my cousin’s house reminded me of the days of old when we had so much less stuff and the house was open and clean and fresh.  And then, my friend is re-doing her kitchen and main floor, so that makes me even more inspired to do stuff at my house!

Being a homeowner is a never ending project.  Indeed, our outside project list is long and just as overwhelming as the inside one.  If living everyday life could just pause for a little while, I’m certain I could get my projects done and get back to just living.   Alas, that won’t happen, so I’ll squeeze in renovations and purging and cleaning where I can and hope that I have a few minutes to enjoy my progress before I need to start all over again.



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