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April 29, 2011 · 0 comments

More random things about me…for no reason

1) I have a minor obsession with ridiculously expensive houses. Not only do I love “Selling New York”, but my very favorite newspaper is the Wall Street Journal – the Friday issue has a spectacular real estate section. I love looking at houses I’ll never be able to afford, trying to figure out why someone needs 11 bathrooms but only 4 bedrooms…what the hell people do with a bedroom that I could fit my entire house (and then some) in. I even download a real estate app for my iPad so that I could check out real estate by locations and have color pictures!!

2) I watched the end of the Royal Wedding this morning – the alarm at the office went off at 5:30 and then again at 6:30 today, so I got phone calls at the aforementioned times. At 6:30 I gave up and just turned on the television. It was the end of the ceremony, but luckily, my twitter peeps were able to get me up to date pretty quick.

I’ve always been intrigued by the Royal Family – I’ve read a number of books about it, I remember seeing Diana’s wedding, and then, of course, I sadly recall her death. Television has made it easy to remember the wedding of Charles and Diana – they’ve been showing documentaries on it all week. The body language between those two as compared to William and Kate today was startling. Diana seemed to adore Charles, but he was so stiff and proper!

Anyway, I admit I watched and will watch more and look at photos and swoon with much of the world over the Royal Wedding. I mean, who doesn’t love a fairy tale ending?

3) I rarely have the kind of confidence and assertiveness that I see and expect in others. I’m not sure why.

4) I really want my basement and garage cleaned out ASAP. There are 2 main reasons. First, just one word: Tornado {while we are generally spared from very much tornado activity, there is seriously no room in our basement to go and take cover comfortably. If it were just us, I wouldn’t mind too much, but a tornado warning is scary enough for the kids and they deserve a comfortable place to hang out in} Second? OHMYGOSH WE HAVE TOO MUCH JUNK!!!! It’s driving me nuts. So much so that I’m ready for a dumpster to be delivered!

5) There’s suddenly drama with the PTO election at the boys’ school. No, not me! I’m more than happy to help out, the school and the PTO, but I cannot commit to an actual position. The current board does well, but there is some murmuring about a changing of the guard to breathe some new life into it. I’m helping either way, but I hate politics and if it gets crazy, I’ll walk away. Life’s too short for that kind of crap.

6) Sometimes, when they are being so happy and silly and cute, I feel like I could look at my boys forever and never need another thing. Tonight they were laughing and smiling and I could see them both in my review mirror and I just wanted to stare and soak them in.

7) I’m tired. I could honestly lay back on this couch and fall asleep with no problem at all.

8) There are times when I just need to be by myself. There are times when I literally can’t talk because I so intensely just do not feel like releasing the words from my head through my mouth.

9) I’m looking forward to the Gleek Retreat in a few weeks. Hanging out with the little people in my computer in human form in a small gathering is going to be so good. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous, but honestly, not as much as I expected. It’s my first social media/blogging conference type event…something I’ll be able to cross off my life list.

10) Speaking of my Life List – I’ve had one started for quite awhile. It’s kind of sad though…there are less than 20 items on it. But, that’s mostly because as I think of things I fail to write them down. 🙂

11) Preston is starting to really get the hang of this pooping in the toilet instead of his underwear thing. Turns out we just needed to take away his favorite video game for a few days!!! Fingers crossed it keeps working.

12) I’ve been wanting to get both boys out of the nighttime diapers, as previously mentioned here. Matt seems scared of the alarm now, so I’m not going to push it. I need to just go the sleep deprivation route and wake him up every hour to pee. But then *I* lose sleep! WAH! It’ll be worth it, but at this point, I kind of feel like I should just wait until school is out.

13) I’ve decided I want rocking chairs for the front porch for Mother’s Day.

14) I cannot wait to plant flowers, but more, I can’t wait to plant our veggie box!! Stupid Michigan weather…2 more weeks until we’re out of frost potential.

15) I make lists, notes, notations, files and notebooks and I still feel like I am forgetting to do something every single day. I have projects, ideas and things to do, but I never feel like I have enough time or remember them all. So many things I want and need to get accomplished, but not enough time in a day or room in my brain these days.

Alright, that’s enough for me tonight….I’m going look up some of these houses in today’s WSJ and do a little dreaming.

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