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I was out with Sunshine last night, enjoying our monthly dinner, when I got a text from Mike. Apparently, Preston appeared at the top of the stairs and said he had a bloody nose – given to him by his big brother who “bopped” him in the nose because he accidentally messed up his drawing or something.

Happily, Matt didn’t lie about what happened, so that was a definite mark in the plus column for him.  And Preston didn’t even cry I guess. While Mike told him he would be punished, he also said he had to discuss it with me so we’d advise him in the morning.  He was fine with that.

This morning I talked to him about it. He was a little embarrassed about it, but I needed him to fully understand that we do not hit out of anger.  We took away his electronics until Friday and he was very satisfied with his punishment. (My child is strange).

I have to be honest, all I could think about when I heard about Matt hitting Preston was the scene from Bull Durham when Crash provokes Nuke

Crash Davis: Did you hit me with your right hand or did you hit me with your left? Huh? Did you hit me with your right hand or did you hit me with your LEFT?
Ebby Calvin LaLoosh: My left.
Crash Davis: Good! That’s good; when you get in a fight with a drunk you don’t hit him with your pitching hand. God, I can’t keep giving you these free lessons so quit screwin’ around and help me up.


I’m fairly certain that Matt bopping P in the nose last night won’t be the last time there’s a bloody washcloth waiting for me when I get home.

Ah, boys.

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