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October 13, 2010 · 1 comment

I just updated the boys’ ipods and I thought maybe I would help out those of you with kids similar in age to mine (uh, that’s 5 & 7, just FYI).  Here are the apps that we have in their iTunes.  Please note that not all of these are on their iPods, but for reasons unknown – could be they never play and I got rid of for space, could be they asked to have removed, could be I deleted for the heck of it. 🙂  And honestly, I’m not sure about all of these games – some educational, some really cool, some really annoying, some I want to get rid of but they won’t let me.

And before anyone gets all cranky about electronics and screen time and the like, just so you know, my 5 yo was adding and subtracting for my dad and when he was asked where he learned to do that, he said “my ipod!”.

If you have any questions about any of the apps here that I didn’t talk about below, let me know and I’ll get a review from the boys.

  1. Pickin’ Time is a great multiplayer game. It has kept Preston occupied many times in doctor offices, waiting in the ER, etc. Works motor skills and hand eye coordination.
  2. Angry Birds & Plants Vs. Zombies – both great games for problem solving and have pretty graphics. Often I can get the boys to beat levels I can’t and vice versa.
  3. Count Sheep is what it sounds like – Counting Sheep.  Matt has used it a lot for helping him get to sleep when nothing I say or do works.
  4. Traffic Rush is a cool game where you need to keep the cars going through the intersection from crashing (unless you are like Preston and actually enjoy letting them crash, hehe)
  5. Super Juicy is a game that we play most often on the iPad, but I wanted to put it on their ipods too.  It’s a lot of touching the screen to pop bubbles. Fun.
  6. Curling, Ski Jumping, etc. were all the influence of the Olympics

Obviously, I could probably comment on nearly all of these, but who has time for that! Like I said, leave me a comment if you have a question OR if you have something awesome that we missed!!

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Minnesota Mamaleh October 13, 2010 at 11:13 pm

wow! that’s *a lot* of apps! thanks for the heads up and good tips!


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