Potluck under the wire

August 16, 2010 · 1 comment

Even though our lovely hostess has taken a break from Monday Potlucks for the summer, I felt like doing one anyway.

My dog’s farts.  I know, gross, right? But seriously, she is NASTY.

Matt is spending the night at my mom’s house tomorrow night and Mike’s mom’s house on Wednesday night.  Totally his choice. But, um, shh….he’s never slept over anywhere before (he turns 7 on Saturday!)

My cousin, Ryan, is a firefighter. He was involved (read: working) during that big fire last week in Detroit that injured 6 of his brothers, 2 of which are buddies of his, the other 4 he knows well enough.  He, like everyone else involved, is pretty upset about the injuries, understandably.  Today, the ATF determined the fire was set deliberately. Now there’s anger, too.  He was a foot or two away from that wall falling on him. We text back and forth – he’s been back to work since and is fine.  I wish he lived closer so I could check on him for real.

Preston is having his surgery on Wednesday morning.  I’m in planning / get things ready mode. Making sure things are cleaned, organized, making lists of things that we need to take for his overnight stay.  I’m worried, of course, but I will be more worried once I don’t have anything to keep me occupied.

Boring, as usual – fruit in mah fruit bowl. 4 quickly browning bananas, apples that have seen better days and some tiny oranges that are probably not so yummy any longer.

So that’s it for Monday’s Potluck this week.  Join me next week when I recap surgery and sleepovers and Matt’s 7th birthday! (uh, unless I post before that!)

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Kyla August 17, 2010 at 10:25 pm

Good luck tomorrow morning!


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