Batter UP!

March 8, 2010 · 0 comments

The boys have been playing outside a lot for the past few days since the weather has been decent. Matt playing baseball in the driveway reminded me that we’re coming up quick on t-ball season. This year, both boys will be playing on the same team, which should be fun.

Anyway, it got me thinking about being a t-ball parent and what it means.

No, not the emotional or social ramifications! Silly! I’m talking about all of the things that going into being a sports parent….

Last year was our first time as t-ball parents and there is definitely room for improvement.

So tell me, fellow tball/soccer moms (and dads) – what are your absolute necessities for games …. what are your favorite snacks? How do you carry all of your stuff? What kind of chairs? Do you keep stuff in the car just in case – if so, what? Give me your hints and tips!! Maybe we can help each other out here…

What we take to every game:
1) Water bottles (large and refillable, icy in the summer)
2) Chairs
3) Camera

What we always forget:
1) Sunscreen
2) Bug Spray
3) Extra snacks
4) Umbrellas/Ponchos

I feel like I need to pack a bag, maybe one of my big IKEA grocery bags full of stuff and keep it in the car….

What do you take?

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