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December 26, 2009 · 2 comments

The lovely Greeblemonkey did a year end round up of her favorite iPhone apps…and I liked her method so much that I am totally stealing it (but I told her first, so there!) She has a lot of cool stuff that I hadn’t really heard of or seen before, so that was cool, because I LOVE new apps!!  So here’s the breakdown of my life on my phone:

My main screen has the basics – text messages, calendar, photos, ipod, Facebook, The Weather Channel (my favorite weather app), Kindle app (which I adore because it allows me to read my kindle books at night in bed without the lights on as the Kindle is not backlit).

Bejeweled2 one of the most addictive games ever.

Shazam – because there is always a song I want to know the name or artist of when I’m out and about and this thing is MAGIC.

WordPress, in case I get the urge to blog while away from my computer.

Awesome Note – great for keeping track of thoughts, ideas, lists, to-dos.  Plus it has a very pretty interface.

Mobile RSS – so I can attempt to keep up with my Google Reader while waiting in lines or whenever.

Words with Friends – by far my favorite app right now – it allows me to play a scrabble-like game with other people who have iPhones.  It’s magical! I have about 10 games going right now…I’ll probably lose 8 or 9 of them!

Voice Memos is a new app native to the iPhone and I love it for when I have thoughts or things I need to remember while I’m on the road

My bottom four are Twittelator Pro (which I just went back to…I can’t decide on a twitter client!), Camera, Phone and Safari.

Page 2 has my serious stuff:

NY Times, ABC News, USA Today news apps.

Business stuff – Chase (mobile banking), mSecure (awesome app for keeping track of all of my passwords for the 40 gazillion sites I visit. Yes, it’s password protected! hehe) Also, Yahoo Messenger so my office can keep in touch with me instantly and always.

Mobile music (because sometimes my own thousands of songs isn’t enough!) Pandora is great for making your own playlists (magic) and io2go is great for listening to stations – great variety.

Google mobile apps has all of the google links in one place; Dictionary for obvious reasons.

I just got an Eye-Fi card for Christmas and they have an app so I can upload all of my photos from my phone as well! Then there’s Photoshop Mobile for quick fixes and Ransom for putting silly notes on photos.

Urban Spoon is a fun app for finding restaurants. Lose It! is a great app for keeping track of exercise and food for anyone wanting to be a bit healthier and lose weight. (One day I’m even going to use it!)  Skype though I got it only to use the chat feature while I was in the hospital. I don’t really get why I would use it on my phone when I have a phone in my hands, but whatever. Flickr because that’s where I store all my photos.

Starbucks finds locations, saves favorites and even allows you to make and save your favorite drinks! IMDB finally came out with a mobile app – it saves all sorts of time when I’m trying to prove I’m right or find out I’m wrong about a movie or actor!

Red Laser is one of the most fun apps ever, but useful, too!  I actually used it to check the price on a number of things while I was Christmas shopping this year.


Discovery channel app has lots of great video clips from some of our favorite shows, including Dirty Jobs. It also has the schedules for the shows, quizzes and other fun stuff.

What’s On? is now my favorite app!  It has my local channels, all of my Directv channels, and even local movies playing! I now can know what is on any time on any channel I get – it even has the show descriptions AND will send alerts! Oh, and it’s FREE

Betty Crocker cookbook – truthfully, I haven’t even looked at this yet, but it apparently has a feature where you can input what you have on hand and it will give you recipe ideas. Fun stuff.

Wurdle, Muddled, Scrabble, Bookworm – some of my favorite word games.

Manic Mail is a memory type game but you have to be quick. Action bowling is pretty self-explanatory, SuperMarket Mania is a time management game that I have yet to finish; along the same lines of Sally’s Spa and those; addicting and fun.

Dots Free, Flyloop just simple time wasters. Women’s Murder Club is part hidden objects part mystery based on James Patterson’s books. Associate this is a pisser of a game – it’s word association at it’s finest and worst. iTreadmill is great for keeping pace and track of distance walking inside or out and allows you to listen to music while walking/running.

Games!! What? Free is something new I just downloaded last night; supposed to be fun questions to ask.  Tetris, the classic game for the iPhone which I JUST discovered – addictive as always.  Ravenchase is a riddle game; I’m sure I won’t get very far with it, but it was free, so I’ll give it a try! LeafTrombone – also another game I just downloaded, based on lots of recommendations. Buckingham Palace is a hidden mystery game; Cooking Dash is another time management game. Ranch Rush is by far my favorite time management game. I think I’m on my third time playing through – I wish they would come up with the next version of it already!!  Flight Control is a goofy app where you have to land planes…sounds easy, not so much though.

Then we have some regular games – Sudoku, Tic Tac Toe, Peggle, Grinchmas, Nick Chase (hidden object/mystery game) and The States (because if Matt is learning where they all go, I’d better know, too!)

Last, the leftovers. Since I can’t figure out which Twitter app I like best, I keep a couple around; iTunes I rarely use and since I’m broke I never look at stocks.

So, what are your favorite apps for your iPhone or iPod??

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I need an iphone. like bad.
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