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November 25, 2008 · 4 comments

…Got yelled at by a Postal Worker (mail carrier? mail person? mail lady? postal person?) who parked her mail truck in front of my house. She didn’t come to my house, she went elsewhere.  When she went to get back in her truck, the door was facing my front door and my dog was sitting on my porch. Now, I know SHE doesn’t know my dog, but seriously?  My pup was sitting. Not barking, not growling. Wagging her tail and sitting quietly about 50 feet away from the curb at which she parked her truck.  The mail lady was YELLING for someone to come get the dog. Panicked.

I ran downstairs and to the front door, then walked out, said “Sure! Let me get her” and proceeded to call Daisy.  Daisy, who LOVES people, glanced at me and then looked back at the lady. Never made a move toward her, fyi. So, as I was walking out toward Daisy to get her, (she still needs a little reinforcement for the whole COME command), the mail lady says “CAN YOU GET YOUR DOG?!”.

Uh, dude. Chill.  I calmly replied, ” Don’t worry, I am!” and smiled.

She says, all pissy: “I can’t get in my truck from this side!” (Yeah, as if it’s MY fault you parked in front of MY house instead of pulling into the driveway of whatever house you went to!!)

And, while I was securing my dog, I said, merely making conversation, “She actually won’t even go to the sidewalk”.  And the lady? Parked in front of MY house? Says:

“Well, I don’t know that! I have to use my best instincts and I need you to get your dog” in a voice full of panic and anger as she hid on the other side of her truck.

I stuttered, standing on the wet ground in my socks, “Of course, I understand, I’m just saying…” and then I realized that I didn’t have to explain anything to this person. I motioned to Daisy and we went in. And the lady seriously SPRINTED around the front of the mail truck, muttered something very certainly derogatory about me and/or my dog, and drove away to the mailboxes the next house over.

So I let Daisy back out. :wink:

…Went to work for a little while and then CAME HOME.  So nice. Been working on gifts, but running into a couple of snafus. :roll:

…Made my mom laugh out loud. She was having a crappy couple of days, so I just kept talking and eventually, she couldn’t stop laughing.  :lol:

…Hung out with Preston while he took a bath – rarely is that equal to one on one time, so it was nice.

…Cut out about 4302 foam stars

Today, I Didn’t:

– Clean the house

– Clean the carpets

– Sleep in

– Do more laundry

– See the sun (hello November in Michigan!)

– Get the rest of the stuff needed for Thanksgiving dinner

– Panic about the house.  There’s still tomorrow!! :shock:

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amanda November 26, 2008 at 12:28 am

Yay for laughing!

amandas last blog post..The Right Wrong Turn


Emily R November 26, 2008 at 12:30 am

maybe she’s been attacked in the past? because that is some odd behavior.

Emily Rs last blog post..Flying the banner


sleepynita November 26, 2008 at 11:59 am

Honestly, if you can’t handle a friendly dog then maybe you picked the wrong profession being a mail carrier.

sleepynitas last blog post..No Deuce Yet


Above Average Joe November 26, 2008 at 2:02 pm

I delivered papers as a kid and been approached by dogs more than once so I can safely say she completely overreacted.

Above Average Joes last blog post..Right On! Target


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