OH my eye!!

November 12, 2008 · 1 comment

First, thanks all for your thoughts and prayers for my dad today!!  His surgery went very well and although he was in and out when I left the hospital, he was in very little pain and seemed fine.  He’ll be released from his hotel-like hospital room tomorrow to recover in the privacy and quiet of his own home.   Preston and I will make a quick visit tomorrow morning to check in, but fully expect to see him at home later in the weekend.

And spending the day with my stepmom wasn’t all together too bad.  She was very anxious before we received the first update from the surgeon, and we kept things light.  We generally don’t spend a whole lot of time alone together and over these past 8-9 months, a whole lot of bad things have happened in our family, so her attitude has changed a little…and maybe mine too, a little.  We’ll never be best friends, but knowing that we can come together to take care of my dad (and seeing his face relax when he saw hers) makes her just a little easier to handle.


In other news, my eye is FREAKING KILLING ME!!!!

Doc took a look at it a few weeks ago and saw something a little off, so sent me off for an orb-scan. (it’s a scan of the whole front surface of your eye, which it totally cool).  The scan showed a slight dent (so to speak) in my cornea, but not a big deal.  Then about 2 weeks ago, I poked myself in my left eye TWICE really good, so Doc put me on a steroid drop to get it healed up.

But THEN, last night? It started to bug me again.  And tonight I can barely keep my eye open for the freaking fracking crapping pain!!!!  If I close it and squish it, it’s better, but…uh…I can hardly go through my day squishing my eyeball and looking out of the other one!

So guess who is making a trip to the office tomorrow? And on her day off?!!


OH my eye!!!!!!

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Auds November 12, 2008 at 11:56 pm

Glad to hear your dad did well through surgery and is resting comfortably.

I would be going stark raving mad if that were me, with the eye thing. I can’t stand having ANYTHING wrong with my eyes; I don’t even like other people touching them. I have serious eye allergies in the spring and I am a PITA to live with for about 2 months. I can’t imagine what you must be going through. Itcyness is one thing, but pain…no way. I could NOT manage!

Feel better soon! I’ll keep ya in my thoughts and prayers.

Audss last blog post..Wordless Wednesday? Yeah Right!


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