The post in which I complain and whine OR how doing yoga turns into a migraine at 7:30am

November 10, 2008 · 3 comments

Yesterday turned out to be fairly craptastic.  We went out to breakfast (boys were a bit whiny, but fabulous once we got there).  We came home and I left again soon after – as you may know, I am making a lot of Christmas presents this year for everyone. In fact, am making wrappings as well as gifts, so lots to do.  Late Saturday night I realized I needed some very important items for said gifts, so I planned to go out Sunday for stuffs.  Plus we need diapers, plus I was picking up stuff for dinner.

The dog and I headed out, got what we needed.  My head was swirling with good ideas and inspiration.  I got home to hear “the boys have been asking for you”.  After quick hugs and yells of Mommy!, the boys went back to playing, Mike back to watching football.  I decided to get working on some stuff.

For a little while.

Then it was mentioned the boys might want a bath. Ok. Bath given by me.  Boys whining and freaking out when they get out.  Put in separate rooms to deal with and then get completely overruled and thrown out of taking care of my own boys.  To say I felt upstaged and belittled would be accurate.  Suddenly, the boys want nothing to do with me. Realizing (a) that my time of crafting is over and (b) that the house is a major mess and laundry is calling, I get to work.

Matt wants to paint, so I refill all the containers and get him set up. Clean kitchen. Load in laundry. Preston has been talked into relaxing in his room.  Turns up his music too loud, so I turn down. Freaks out because he wants daddy to do it.

Work on laundry, Matt helps for a little while.  Things seem better (you know, except for me doing all the freaking work while Mike watches football). Then Matt “spanks” me.  Pisses me off and pushes my buttons.  Realize that I feel completely unappreciated, unloved, unliked, like a freaking maid, practically invisible unless someone needs something. Or the laundry needs to be done or the playroom cleaned.

After dinner, (right before which, Preston decided he liked me again), I was ready to send the boys to the playroom to help me clean, but was overruled by them all going down in the basement for exercise.  So I cleaned it myself.  I am nothing if not supportive.  I haven’t exercised in ages, but I would never dare not encourage my husband to exercise. No seriously. I want him to.

But what about me?

He keeps telling me that I should just go to the gym, just go in the basement…but yesterday pretty much proves to me that even if I just do that, I still have to incur the wrath of the boys for being gone, that I still have to “pay” for being gone, and I still have to do everything around the house.  I’m sure it boils down to the fact that I’m home all day, but oddly, I’m still parenting Preston and dealing with the dog and trying to run a business from afar.  And we all know how easy it is to get solid work done with a 3 year old around, now don’t we?

So this morning, the dog got me up at 10 to 7.(This would be after getting up with both boys and the dog a total of 6 times between midnight and 630am).  After playing with her for a few minutes, I decided I would do some yoga to get my day started.

Then Matt started yelling that he needed me (And yes, he actually yells “Mom, Matt NEEDS YOU!”)

So up I go, get him fixed up and then back down.

Do some more yoga.

Preston needs me.

I give up.

I now have a raging headache, headed toward a migraine.  Matt wants to play with a math workbook instead of getting dressed, Preston is knocking on his door from the inside.

And now the crying and whining starts.

What a fabulous start to the day.  Fan-freaking-tastic.

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WaltzInExile November 10, 2008 at 7:58 pm

Dude, my day started out exactly like that. Except without the getting up on time. And the yoga. But the screaming/fighting/yelling/resistance/feet-dragging? Check. Mondays suck.

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alejna November 10, 2008 at 9:42 pm

Ugh. I hope your headache (and your day) got better.

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Michelle November 11, 2008 at 9:27 am

OMG, you TOO??? This feels like my life. For real. The lazy $#* husband watching football, er should I say napping to football, then up to go exercise while I run around playing maid. The fighting/whining/stall tactics to go anywhere, even just to get dressed? my life nearly every day. I’m not happy that you share my pain but happy I have someone to share my pain with.

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