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November 6, 2008 · 0 comments

Mwahahahaha!!! Yet another random post inspired by NaBloPoMo!!

  • Tried to start a rumor about by MIL having a boyfriend while talking to my SIL. (MIL was probably just at home not answering phone, but pretending she might have a boyfriend sounded so much more fun!)
  • Cleaned out my desk drawer searching for my library card. Didn’t find card, but did find:
  1. 2 small containers of lotion
  2. A pair of pliers
  3. 2 mini hand-itizers
  4. travel size Advil
  5. Full size bottle of Bayer back & body (which I totally don’t ever take, so how it got there, I have no clue)
  6. A blister block stick
  7. Dorkdog’s collar
  8. A book
  9. one baby bootie
  10. mascara
  11. 2 nail files (no wonder i can never find them in my bathroom!)
  12. 3 tubes of chapstick
  13. 1 chapstick cold sore therapy, never opened
  14. 1 carmex tube
  15. 10 tubes of various lip glosses (that totally cracks me up – why in my desk???)
  16. assorted coins
  17. and about 50 pens
  • Booked our January trip to Florida for that half-marathon that we are totally unprepared for.
  • Researched vacuums to replace my dead Dyson.
  • Rejoiced when my dead Dyson arose from the dead (thanks to hubs and his tricky ways)
  • Vacuumed. And then vacuumed some more. (dude, it was NASTY in here!)
  • Dishes, laundry, blah blah blah.
  • Sat in the sun and 65 degree weather. {SIGH} It’s been my kind of November for the past week or so. Sadly, the real November is bound to show up sooner than later and bring with it cold, rainy, snowy, cloudy, dreary, windy days.
  • Pondered updating my office website. For like 2 seconds, and then realized there is no way in h – e – double hockey sticks that I can do that + Christmas crafts + exercise + be a mom + work + sleep or eat right now.
  • Lamented the fact that I have no book to read right now. But then again, see bullet point above.
  • Came up with a cool idea for a Christmas tree ornament for a couple of little boys I know.
  • Again, wondered how I might get more hours in my day.  Perhaps President-Elect Obama could help me??? Yes we can!!

Waiting for the audio version, but the morning mash-up on Sirius Hits One did a song sung to the tune of “My Sharona” that cracks me up.  Here are the lyrics, perhaps you can sing it yourself? I’ll get the link up as soon as they do!

B-B-B-B Barack Obama (From

Today we premiered the Barack Obama song. Here are the lyrics so you guys can sing along, and we’ll have the song up soon!

Oh my goodness man he won, man he won
A black prez finally, Barack Obama
Flyin ’round in Air Force One, Air Force One
Things are gonna change this time, Barack Obama
Take us to the top
That’s what’s up
Reachin’ for the sky
Never givin up
Lookin’ out for the common guy
Bye-Bye-Bye-Bye-Bye Bush!
B-B-B-B-B Barack Obama

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