New routine? Not today’s!

September 10, 2008 · 6 comments

Today was the first day that Preston and I hung out and did stuff all day.  Monday was an emotionally tiring day with Matt in school for real; Tueday he had Ms. Molly and I had work.  Today, we did stuff.

First we walked to school. Well, I walked, Preston rode in the wagon, Matt walked halfway, and Daisy was apparently channeling Iditarod dogs.

I had planned on a relaxing morning at home to get some laundry and dishes done, but my little dude had other plans.  “Let’s go SHOPPING!” .  So, off we went to pick up some things from his favorite store (Target) and then drop the dog off to be groomed. {Sidenote: she is SO shiny and SOFT I can’t stand it! They cut her nails, brushed her teeth, shampooed, conditioned and gave her a blow dry! lol)

Then we met my mom for lunch.

Then we went to Joann to get some things to start on some super-secret, super-awesome (I hope!) Christmas presents.  He refused the cart there and by the time we left, was pretty damn tired.  We picked up the dog (and a new toy, of course) and came home.

But instead of relaxing, he wanted to keep playing. :shock: So we played with cars and then walked up to get Matt from school (again, him not so much walking but channeling some sort of royalty all relaxed in his chariot).

They played outside until it was time for soccer practice and then armageddon the whining started.  Matt wanted to stay home and play and not go to soccer ( :shock::!::?: ). Mike finally talked him into going and when they got in the car to leave, Preston freaked out, screaming, sobbing that he wanted to go to soccer and that he needed to go with daddy and Matt in the fast car. I offered to throw put him in the car and meet them up there, but while at first it seemed like a fine idea to my little man, soon it was determined that going to soccer in anything but the fast car would not be acceptable.  I was finally able to get him to chill and we continued to play outside with only a couple of minor meltdowns.

Matt continued to cry in the car that he didn’t want to go to soccer practice.  We always decided that if he dreaded going or wasn’t having fun that we wouldn’t force it, so they came home (and OF COURSE as soon as they pulled into the neighborhood he wanted to go to practice and got out of the car with tear streaked cheeks and red eyes).

And then the whining began. And crying. And screaming. First about dinner, then about sitting in a certain chair, then about playing outside because the neighbors were out, then about going to bed. And then about diapers and pjs. And then about the covers not being right but me not being allowed to fix them…well, you get the picture.  I did alright for a few minutes with the dinner thing. I knew Matt was exhausted, and we talked a bit and he seemed fine.  And then he wanted me to eat on the floor of the playroom with him. (uh, no) and then he wanted his mini corndogs to be whole not cut in half, and then they were too cold. And it was the 4th time of him breaking down into screaming/sobbing about his freaking corndogs that I stalked out of the playroom.

And my husband? Was laughing. Why would he laugh at his wife, the mother of his children, the woman trying to give him a few minutes of peace since he just suffered through 20 minutes in the car?? Ah, well, he timed me to see how long it would take for Matt to drive me nuts. He. timed. me.  Yeah. I know.

So finally, they are both in bed and asleep.  I should be going to the grocery store because we are totally out of bread, but I can’t do it.  I’ll pray the boys don’t want toast for breakfast, and hope Preston is up to getting groceries tomorrow.

Lessons Learned:

– On soccer practice days, it’s not a good idea to stay outside and play. Better idea to go in, have snacks and get ready to go.

– During the first full week(s) of school, we’re all getting used to new routines and methods of living. Today was not a perfect day. Today’s routine is not the one we want to follow.

– When Preston finally calmed down tonight and we played together outside, it was nice to just BE with him. We rolled a ball back and forth between our legs and talked and giggled.  And I learned a few little things about my son:

  • His favorite color is purple
  • His favorite Cars character is not Tow Mater, but rather Lightning McQueen
  • His favorite food is macandcheeseandketchupandhotdog (which, duh)
  • His alphabet reciting leaves a little to be desired (he tends to throw numbers in there, hehe)
  • He loves Daisy
  • His favorite things to do are riding in his police car and playing with cars (huh, who knew! hehe)
  • And he’s 4, no 2, no 5, 3 years old.

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alejna September 10, 2008 at 9:16 pm

Oh, that sounds like an exhausting day. Here’s hoping you will be spared more like it!

alejnas last blog post..Advanced Topics in Procrastination


WaltzInExile September 10, 2008 at 11:34 pm

I think something is out of whack with the universe today, because my day was remarkably like yours, with the whining and the meltdowns and the crazy. And although we’re not out of bread, it’d be great if you could pick us up some milk (yep, outta MILK of all things) when you go to the store tomorrow. Kthxbai 🙂

WaltzInExiles last blog post..Over herd in the Haute


flutter September 11, 2008 at 12:18 am

You are funny


Michelle September 11, 2008 at 8:44 am

oooooo giiiiiiiiirrrrrrrl, I soooo feel for you. My only weapon? Forcing myself to bed as soon as I’m able and COFFEE!! oh ya, and you’re awesome, watching what didn’t work and going from there is good too 🙂


Shine September 11, 2008 at 10:10 am

Ugh, I’ve so been there before- for us yesterday the meltdown happened while trying to get through simple homework! I too need to re-work how we do things and maybe we’ll be doing homework at a different time! It’s all a learning curve and we’ll figure it out, hopefully sooner than later!


Tabatha September 12, 2008 at 6:27 pm

Wow… It wore me out to read that day! It will get better once everyone adjusts to the new stuff!

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