August 13, 2008 · 6 comments

I had dinner with my buddy Shine last night – always a nice night out with dinner and drinks and lots of chatting as woman are wont to do.  We gabbed until way past dark and when our yawns out numbered our laughs, we called it a night.

I got home to boys in bed and Mike playing his new video game.   A bit of blog reading, Olympic watching (Man, Michael Phelps is a freaking machine!), and it was time to head to bed. By then it was midnight-ish and I was beat.

About an hour in to my deep sleep, Preston woke up with yet another nightmare and demanded to come back to the ‘big bed’ because he needed to see his daddy.  Fine.

At about 3:30, Matt woke up crying for me.  Got him all settled, when back to my bedroom to see that Preston had taken over my spot completely. Rather than fight with him, I decided to go sleep in his bed. Lying there, I realized that the bathroom was still a mess from the boys’ shower, the laundry was still in baskets, and nothing whatsoever had been done in the kitchen.

Next thing I knew, Mike was waking me up asking “What are you doing?” (Um, duh?) Pretty sure I answered “sleeping?”.  I went back to my bed and crawled into Mike’s side, since P was not giving up mine. (Until I got settled, then he slid right over to me -he’s like a magnet, that boy!).

The dog was up at ten to seven, Matt not long after.  I’m sleepy. The dog is jumpy and bitey and barky.  And the house is a wreck, just like I left it when I went out last night. That makes me cranky.

So today will be spent trying to pull myself out of sleepy/cranky.  But with small boy sitting behind me digging his chin into my shoulder and the mutt trying to chew on my laptop, messes all around me, I’m not very confident in the way the day is starting.


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