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July 3, 2008 · 1 comment

Here’s the thing…I am sitting here at 10:15 on a Thursday that feels like a Friday. My boys are exhausted but completely and totally avoiding going to sleep, my husband is drunk on the success of his first slow cooked BBQ Ribs (and beer. Lots of beer.). The dogs are playing/fighting. The house could use some serious cleaning up and the laundry? Meh, don’t get me started!

And what I really want to do? Really? Is jump into my nice cozy bed and curl up with a good book.

Not gonna happen. Wanna know why? The boys are exhausted and avoiding sleep; my husband is drunk on success and beer, and the dogs are playing.


There are still some things I have to do around here (the cyber-here) – including, but not limited to, linking my header to the home page, fixing the blogroll, lining a couple of things up, and adding a couple of (what I hope to be) cool widgets, including that lovely rss button and some feed reader things. Tonight I’m not motivated to do it though. Maybe tomorrow while my man and boys are cooking up some Butt or while they are fishing. Maybe.


Took Daisy to the vet today – we’re trying a new vet since our last one despised Maggie. The place was nice, the vet was laid back and informative and I think it’ll be a nice change. Daisy, by the way, is 18.4 pounds! Geez, getting big FAST!


My cuz is still waiting for her little man to make his appearance. Today she spent the day at the beach with her sis who is visiting and her girls. Tough life! hehe – HI girls!!! xoxo


Tomorrow, for those of you on this side of the border, is Independence Day, better known as the 4th of July, or around here, ‘the day we get to drink and eat and light stuff on fire’. We’re hanging with the neighbors, having a little bbq and doing fireworks of the sparkler and popper variety. Should be lots of laughing and talking and drinking and eating going on. I’ll attempt to get pictures! Hope you have a fabulous day, and let’s try to remember why we have the day off, eh? We’ll be lifting our bottles in toast to the men and women fighting for our right to wave our sparklers around in the air; celebrating freedom. We may not do everything right in this country, but I still wouldn’t live anywhere else. Well, maybe Canada. Or Italy. Or Belize. Or…


Oh, and go check out this new blogger – she’s smart and has cute kids and is new to the whole blogging thing – give her a little support, eh?

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Shine July 6, 2008 at 9:28 pm

Hope your 4th was relaxing and you got to drink too!! :mrgreen:


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