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June 13, 2008 · 1 comment

Just so you don’t think I’ve dropped off the face of the earth, here’s a little update.

  • The puppy is doing very well – getting very comfortable and not getting up as much during the night as she was the first couple of nights.
  • She’s starting to want to play with the boys, which is unfortunate because her teeth as sharp as knives and since she’s teething, she wants to put everything, including us, in her mouth.
  • She’s already visited the office and Petsmart and melted everyone within a 10 foot radius.
  • Matt’s preschool graduation was Monday.  It was 90 degrees, in the gym, no a/c, no lights, but it went well.  My boy is getting so big!! I can’t believe kindergarten in the fall.  Matt in front of classroom for last time
  • Speaking of big, Preston must be going through his summertime growth spurt, since every time I look at him right now he looks taller and older.  STOP IT!!
  • We’re still struggling/figuring out what to do with Maggie.  The breeder/trainer that she has been with since before Memorial Day thinks that she is simply lacking in training and that she is completely fixable.  My only concern is that we won’t be able to train her right to fix the issues.  Ok, I have a second concern: that of course she is a model citizen for them, and even if she weren’t, would they tell us?  Concerned about a pride issue there, but that’s probably just me.
  • I can’t decide which online photo share I like better – Flickr or Picasa (Google). Checking both out. Nice thing about Picasa is the instant upload feature from iPhoto, saves me time and steps.
  • Been checking out Plurk, but really, even with the issues with it, think I will stick with Twitter. Plurk kind of freaks me out.  (Unless everyone i follow jumps ship, and then the peer pressure will get to me!)
  • I cannot believe it’s father’s day this weekend.  Why do months November – April go so damn slow and May through October go so unbelievably fast??
  • Tomorrow we’re finally supposed to get a break from the storms for a couple days.  So tired of the night storms that freak out the boys and the humid, hot, gloomy days

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liv June 13, 2008 at 3:19 pm

yeah… i’ll need more puppy photos, please! (and thank you!)


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