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June 5, 2008 · 0 comments

Ok, so I know it doesn’t look like I’ve done much around here (unless you were (un)fortunate enough to stop by while I was flipping through themes), but honest, I am working on it!!

In the meantime, I worked my butt off today getting the house cleaned and somewhat organized, which included, but was not limited to: cleaning the playroom, putting down the new ‘rug’ {Total sidenote: I am in love with Flor carpeting, but it is very pricey. Target has had some in store for awhile, but a box of six carpet tiles was $100. Until the other day when I found them at my Target marked 75% off!!} moved all sorts of junk down to the basement, vacuumed, dusted, worked on laundry, emptied trash, cleaned the mudroom and played with the boys. PHEW.

It was pretty hot and humid today, so I was sweating like mad.  Thought I had kicked this little cold to the curb by sweating it out, but right around 7, I got all congested and sneeze-y again. Now my head weighs 100 pounds again.

Oh, and I made a case for the Nintendo DS that I’m letting Matt play Mario Kart on.  It’s pretty cute.  My own pattern – holds the DS and three games.  I need to modify it a little bit (mwah haha, that’s why I made his first!!) for my case.  Think I might make a couple for a couple friends, too.

My next project is coming up with something for Matt’s teacher for an end of the year thank you gift.  I really want to make her something, but I’m having trouble coming up with ideas.  Would a lunch bag be totally lame??  :oops:

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