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May 19, 2008 · 3 comments

Yeah, yeah, so I haven’t posted in a while!! I’d like to tell you all the fabulous things I’ve been busy doing, but…er…well…not so much exciting going on here.  At the same time, I’m absurdly busy. {SHRUG}

Friday brought a little warm weather, so we played in the yard/driveway, mowed the lawn (me), drank a bunch of beer (mike and the neighbor), had a pizza picnic in the dark, and oh, yeah, contemplated sending our dog back to the place from which she came – much tears and frustration ensued (me).  

The dog? Bit the little girl from down the street. You know, the people that are our age that have a little girl that never get to come down and partake in the driveway festivities? The ones that finally came down? The little girl that is enamored with all dogs, even mine that barks?  Yeah, them.  Well, unfortunately, no one saw it, but one second said little girl is toddling into the yard, perhaps screeching with delight as she does, and the next second she is crying and bleeding.  My.dog.bit.her.  WTF???  My dog, who is a clumsy ox, who weighs 85+ pounds, who is good with my kids and the two crazier neighbor kids, BIT the littler girl from down the street.  As I said, no one saw it, so we have no clue if my dog thought she was offering her arm up as a toy, if she scared the dog, if the dog is just a freaking idiot and deserves to go back to the frozen tundra from which she came.  Little girl is FINE, parents are fine. Me? MORTIFIED.  

We’re waiting to hear back from a local fabulous dog trainer – we’re going to have him come to our house, evaluate our dog and teach us some stuff.  The thing is? She’s really smart.  The other thing? We totally dropped the ball on training her.  So, we’ll see what he thinks, how she does.  But if she bites at or actually bites someone else? Back to Canada she goes.  

Saturday brought a day of lady bonding.  My mom, sil, aunt and cousin’s wife and I all went to lunch and did some shopping.  It was very nice – nice to hang out with them, nice to not talk about my cousin’s illness and resulting well-being.  Nice to be with those women.  Sadly, it is a ridiculous drive, but we’re still talking about doing it more often.  

Sunday…hmmmm…ah, yes, the quest for diapers and dog chew toys, plus new pillows and sheets for the boys. Then the resulting moving of Preston back to his own room.  Which, of course, resulted in much cleaning out of dressers and closets and such.  4 hours after I started, I was SO ready to be done!  The end result was (is) a disastrous rest of house but very clean boys’ rooms and bathroom.  

My babysitter isn’t coming tomorrow, which pretty much sucks because I have some crazy ass work stuff to deal with; now I get to clean the house tomorrow and work on Thursday!  Have I mentioned how much I am looking forward to our weekend away??  


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jen May 19, 2008 at 11:51 pm

i love the female bonding.


Shine May 20, 2008 at 2:06 pm

Sounds like you are definitely ready for a weekend away! Sorry about the dog situation, I hope things work out with the trainer. I’m sure it will all work out!

I think we need to do dinner soon, next week maybe??


liv May 20, 2008 at 4:26 pm

it is hard to miss you as much when i twitter with you all day… just saying…


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