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April 30, 2008 · 1 comment

In the past week, I’ve stayed awake later than intended a few times.  But there were two specific times that it was worth the sleepiness in the morning.

Last night I finished this book.  It was really good.  Here’s the synopsis for you from Amazon:

From Publishers Weekly
When Kamryn Ryn Matika gets a call from college friend Adele Del Brannon, she reluctantly heads to the hospital where Adele is dying of cancer. The two had been odd couple friends (working-class Ryn is black, posh Adele is white) while attending Leeds University, but their friendship did not survive Del’s admission of an affair with Ryn’s fiancé Nate Turner, which also ended Ryn’s relationship with Nate. The affair did result, however, in the now-five-year-old Tegan, and Del has called Ryn to ask her to adopt the adorable girl. Ryn agrees, but must face down Del’s stepmother, Muriel, to do it. She finds surprising help from new boss Luke Wiseman, who, after meeting her unceremoniously, loves Tegan (and eventually Ryn, too), but the return of Nate, who doesn’t know Tegan is his daughter, promises to reopen old wounds. Koomson’s U.S. debut is a three-hankie delight. (Mar.) 

First, I have to say that there wasn’t much to be said about the race “issue” in the book; in fact during the one part where the author specifically makes a comment about Kamryn being black and Tegan being white, I was actually confused for a moment because it had been such a non-issue.  It just doesn’t really matter. 

Second, I cried. A number of times during the reading of this book.  I read it in one day. (Yes, I read that fast.  Also, I was up until 1:30 am to finish it).  

Third, I would recommend it. In general, I am loathe to recommend things for fear that someone will come back to me and say something like “Dude! What were you thinking? That totally sucked!” But this one, I will chance it.  

The other thing totally worth staying up for was the movie Juno.  Admittedly, I was a little annoyed when Mike turned it on in the bedroom the other night.  I wanted to see it, but not right at that moment. But from the opening monologue, I was totally sucked in.  I really, really enjoyed it.  I loved the way she talked, I loved the way her parents talked, and I loved how smart and young and goofy she was.  It reminded me of the good ol days of Aaron Sorkin shoes – witty dialogue, smart people, sarcasm.  I really liked this movie.  

BUT, I do have to say, the writer? The former stripped done good? I did some reading up on her after, wondering if I might want to read her book.  Um, no.  Her myspace page, her blog, just her way of talking there and in interviews leads me to feel like she’s completely insincere and I don’t know – I just don’t really like the her I’ve read.  Certainly, she wouldn’t like me either, but after seeing her myspace page? I just felt kind of disappointed.  I mean, good for her doing so well, but she seems pretty bitter and angry.  IMHO. 

Alas, none of that takes away from how I liked the movie, and by the end, I even found myself almost enjoying the very quirky music that went with it.  

So, do yourself a favor, a see it.  

And if you don’t like the book or the movie, please don’t tell me.  Especially if you read/saw it on my recommendation.  🙂

If you did see or read, please tell me your thoughts!!


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liv May 1, 2008 at 12:37 am

thanks for the head’s up, lady!


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