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that may very well be one of my favorite made up words. Others would include gihugeous and squee!.  

Anyway, that great word is a simple indicator of how much crap i have to do and, as you can see, how much i am not getting done by sitting here and blogging. (Did I tell you how much my new keyboard rocks? It’s the new mac keyboard, all stainless and slick and the keys practically type themselves.) .

In addition, that word is also an indicator of how many times I would like to pummel the woman in my neighborhood who is totally arguing about our association bylaws and my yard without any facts whatsoever on her side. I cannot even explain how angry it makes me when people fight against things that (a) really have nothing to do with them [she lives on the opposite side of the sub from me],  (b) don’t have any facts to support their case and (c) make shit up just so they can keep arguing. Oh, and she can’t write a coherent sentence to save her freaking life, so every response on our homeowner yahoo group is like playing a freaking game of Jeopardy without clues.  I’ll take “WTF is this lady talking about for $100, Alex”.  

<SIGH> N-E-Way….

So, for fun, here is my list of things that have to be done tonight (but obviously won’t be as I am going to bed after I hit publish). 

  1. Vacuum the family room, kitchen, front room and laundry room/hallway
  2. Re-clean the pee spot in the hall (dumb dog)
  3. Finish cleaning the kitchen desk and putting stuff where it goes
  4. Hang up all the to-be-hung-up clothes (non-wrinkled clothes are way overrated)
  5. Put away boys’ clean laundry
  6. Shorten the lanyards I made for my employees to various lengths
  7. Pay work bills
  8. Do work insurance claims
  9. Order my uncle’s glasses
  10. Do a bunch of work crap that I need to concentrate on that i should be able to do at the office but probably can’t.
  11. Get together my lunch and snacks for my workday tomorrow so I don’t eat poorly. 
  12. Look into Hooked on Phonics or some other reading prep stuff because Matt seems ready, but I need help helping him. 
  13. Ah, hell, and about 10 other things that don’t have to be done by tomorrow, but that really need to get done. 

Instead of worrying my crazy little head about all of that, I shall focus on the good I did today. 

Went grocery shopping and bought all sorts of fruits and veggies and good for me stuff. Did self-checkout and used my own bags – ha! take that Meijer – you can keep your good for nothing plastic crappy bags!! 🙂

Got all of the laundry washed and (nearly all) dried. (And watched 2 episodes of Desperate Housewives while I did it!)

Rotated my good-for-nothing mattress and changed the sheets.

Cleaned the playroom!

Got the dishes done.

Didn’t binge on crappy junk food before bed.

Drank water ALL day. Nary a drop of coke passed these lips. 

Spent time with my boys. 

There you have it.  Maybe I’ll get everything done tomorrow, but more likely, not, since more stuff will come up.  My superhero cape is at the cleaners. 

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above average joe April 29, 2008 at 10:31 pm

Mrs Joe & I watched DH faithfully. I love Felicity Huffman’s character. Too bad it was Lynette and not my wife who refused to cheat.

Following that plotline now just isnt the same.


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