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April 20, 2008 · 3 comments

  • Alaska week on Discovery Channel in HIgh Definition – ASTOUNDING. How did I ever watch tv before HD?? or why?
  • Discovery Channel’s new commercial, with the tag line The World is Just Awesome – awesome.
  • Reading Wacky Wednesday as a bedtime book? Not such a good idea.
  • Ice vs. heat for severe low back pain radiating into hip…. heat wins! (And another chiropractor visit should help)
  • I hate days when I bother to get showered and dressed and then end up doing absolutely nothing.
  • My dog is warm and squishy when she sleeps.
  • Supposed to be in the 70s all week – assuming back is better, will be walking or biking every day, no excuses.
  • If bear poo is called scat, why is the phrase not “Does a bear scat in the woods?”
  • I made lanyards for my office staff. Man, I am cool!
  • I’m finding the difference in fictional accounts of the time of the Boleyn sisters varies greatly depending on the author. I’ve been so taken by that whole time period that I’m on my third author version!! The basic facts of the time and the names are all very consistent, but the author’s interpretations are varied. Interesting.
  • Would I enjoy Deadliest Catch as much if Mike Rowe wasn’t the narrator?
  • Went to the waterpark on Friday – the boys had fun, but it’s entirely possible that I had the most fun of all. Went down the monster slide 7 times (47 steps up each time, fyi!).
  • Must go warm-weather clothing shopping for the boys – Preston isn’t getting dramatically taller, so he’s not so much fitting in his clothes anymore! And Matt? He’s 4 going on 12 apparently. I need some clothes too. Funny how when I put away my summer clothes last year I had such high hopes and intentions of needing new, smaller sized clothing. Alas, I need the same size. Gotta get on it. Really.
  • On this Alaskan Expedition show, these people are inside a glacier. It’s freaking awesome. My cousin lived in Alaska for awhile – I never had a chance to get there to visit; it’s very unfortunate. One day I would like to though. Better get there before the glaciers all melt – global warming is destroying Alaska. 🙁

Tomorrow – pictures from the weekend, lanyards and an update on my back! lol.

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Loralee April 20, 2008 at 11:41 pm

I LOVE THIS POST. I am OBSESSED with Alaska Week.

Mike Rowe is my boyfriend. I can totally say (As I am watching the DVR of the original show Deadliest Catch was based on. NO, it is NOT as good).

Do you have a favorite captain? Sig scares the crap out of me, but I am rather partial to Phil. 🙂


liv April 21, 2008 at 2:05 pm

yup! we’re gwine need some photos!!!

did you get to see the alaskan bears? they rock, too.


above average joe April 21, 2008 at 9:34 pm

You did do something. You took a shower.

That’s what I tell myself when I have one of those days, at least.


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