three words

April 9, 2008 · 1 comment

Not a lot to say, but I felt the need to write something on my blog.

– We had parent-teacher conference for Matt today. Three words: My. Kid. Rocks. He’s so ready for kindergarten it’s not even funny.

– I’ve had more compliments on my kids being awesome in the last few days than…well, ever. Three words: My. Kids. RULE. (When they’re not at home, anyway 😀 )

img_9950.JPG This is Maggie. You’ve met her before. I’m really starting to like her, even though she is a complete and total dolt. She listens like my kids (eh, not really at all), she barks at nothing (well, I guess wind is something), and she doesn’t listen. Oh, did I mention that already?  Seriously. She’s very protective, and until she gets to know someone, she growls and acts altogether tough. She has nipped a couple of people in a very cowardly fashion and was reprimanded immediately – nipping and biting? Totally unacceptable.  Mike would have no qualms about sending her back where she came from (Canada, eh). It’s impossible not to compare her to Riley, who would take anything the kids threw at him with little more than a sigh and that look that said “Really? I have to deal with this?” One, adult or child, could literally use Riley for a pillow.  Maggie? Jumps up and wants to play.  Yes, I know she’s still a puppy – she’s a large breed and not even 2 yet.  She needs more training. She needs to not bark crazily at every little thing.  She needs to listen. She needs to accept that when we let people in the house that they are ok and not to be feared.

She needs to be more like Riley.  Or at least a better version of herself.

We have a lot of work ahead of us.

In the meantime? Maggie’s three words when she’s around the boys?  Stop licking him!  And her in general three words? She’s so dumb!

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