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Here I am. Let’s see…

Ryan Update: He’s in a lot of pain and has a headache the size of Texas. But, he’s doing a little better every day.  He’s been up walking around for the past two days, and sleeping a lot (of course, he’s on the best drugs available!) I haven’t been to see him yet – he’s got enough family around right now that I’d rather wait until he’s feeling a little better; let him get some rest.  It’ll be a slow recovery, but I’m just thankful it’s a recovery.

What’s new…hmmm….well, I’ve spent all weekend re-doing my scrapbook/sewing/craft/office room. Since the boys are bound and determined to have their own space in there, I figured I might as well make it more user friendly for all of us.  I moved out some things, got a couple new tabletops, bookcase and assorted other things to organize and fix it up (I love me some Ikea!).  So, now (or once I finally have it organized) I have a sewing table / area, a table just for scrapbooking, and my desk for working.  The room isn’t very big, and now the furniture takes up a lot more space, but I realized that I’d rather have more room to work than to roll around in. 🙂 And if the boys have more space, maybe (HA!) they’ll leave more of my space alone. I’ll post before and after shots if  when I get it done.

Matt is off school this week…and since we have nothing planned, both he and Preston were up before 7am.  I could’ve used a bit more sleep, since I had a migraine all night, but alas, it was not meant to be.

So, today, which is cold and dreary, will be spent cleaning and laundry-ing.  Woohoo!!

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