January 4, 2008 · 0 comments

New year, new obsessions

1. Lego Star Wars for the Nintendo DS – I normally only play word, brain or tetris/bejeweled type games. Never role play or character games.  This game? Hilarious and fun and totally addictive.  Odd fact? Since I am totally afraid of heights I can fall from, when my Lego dudes are up high and can fall? I can totally feel it in my legs and I get a teeny bit freaked out.  🙂

2. Blog themes.

Seriously.  I can’t seem to find the perfect free one and I just know enough to modify existing ones a little bit and not create from scratch.  I found some I lurve but am not paying for.  So please hang loose while I screw around with my theme on a daily basis for a while.

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