A party, 2 orchards, a lunch and a dr. visit

October 23, 2007 · 2 comments

Phew!  🙂 (I’m a little behind, I guess!)

Saturday:  The fam and the neighbors and I headed down to another neighbor’s house to celebrate a first birthday. Good times were had by all.  We got to see some former neighbors of ours that adopted a baby boy about 3 months ago. They had been struggling for a while and were blessed with a quick adoption opportunity (they literally had about a month to get prepared to be parents!). They both seem very happy and the baby is adorable! The new mama seems like a different person (duh, I know, but her change is obvious) and she got teary-eyed just talking about the little guy and was dreading going back to work. The only downside to the party? I was asked if I was pregnant!!!! My response was a little laugh and “nope, just fat!”.  :D  LOL.  It was fine – I mean, I know I’m totally fat, and I carry it in my belly, but really? Preggo?  Nope.  My feelings were a little hurt, but it’s my own fault, so…

Saturday Night: After the party down the street, we had our own little party in the driveway next door. A few beers, some silly and crazy kids, and a nice fall temperature with a sky full of stars. Very nice.  Then some football and baseball and not nearly enough sleep.

Sunday: Sunday brought absolutely perfect weather – a crisp breeze, sunny skies and warm temps.  The neighbors joined us at Wiard’s Orchards.  Matt & Preston both rode ponies for the first time, we rode an old fire engines, went for a hayride, got lost in a corn maze and picked out some pumpkins. And, of course, had cider and donuts.  It was a lot of fun. Pictures coming soon.

Monday: Field Trip Day! Matt’s class had a field trip to Plymouth Orchards.  It was fun to see him running around and playing with his little preschool friends.  They learned about how apples grow, about the trees and about the bees (but no birds, hehe).  We rode a wagon through the orchard and were able to pick our own apples and own little pumpkins. And then, of course, cider and donuts!!  The boys didn’t want to leave, as they had a few animals there, too and these huge wood cut-outs that they could put their heads through for pictures.  Preston couldn’t get enough of the apple /worm!

Tuesday: (that would be today) brought a trip for me to the doctor’s office.  When I had my wisdom teeth out, they were concerned about my blood pressure – it never dropped while I was sedated. And it was totally high for me. My blood pressure has ALWAYS been on the low side, so for it to even be in the normal-high range was a little worrisome to me.  I waited until I was sure it wasn’t just residual stress from the surgery, but I’m feeling a ton better and truthfully, knew it wasn’t.  I’ve had this constant dull ache in my head for about a week now.  Not a migraine, not a regular headache, just a dull ache.  Mike took the day off to hit the doctor with me (awww…. I know) and after some testing and discussion, and rechecking again of my bp, it was decided that the bottom number was just too high so she prescribed diet, exercise and a very minimal dose of medication and a recheck in 6 weeks.  I’m not crazy about the meds, and had I not had the headache symptom, she wouldn’t have prescribed, so I feel better about that.  Ideally, I’ll get into some serious exercise and diet changes and not need the meds in a few months.  I’ll be thrilled if this pill makes me headache free though!

After they took a bunch of my blood (I was also impressed that she wanted to run a full blood panel, too, just to double check things) and getting stabbed with a flu shot, Mike took me to lunch.  We were able to do some quick errands and then come home to hang out with the boys.

Tonight brought Family Fun Night at Matt’s preschool.  Raffles (we didn’t win), cookies, punch, book sale and some crafts, plus “the singing lady” – it was crowded but fun.

And now, dear friends, you are up to date on me, and I am off to bed.  Tomorrow I will catch up with all of you. 😉

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rest well friend


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rest well friend


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