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September 30, 2007 · 2 comments

Saturday was the day of parties for the house of goodness. First was the lovely BBQ dual 1st & 5th birthday party of Shine’s boys. The weather was perfect and the boys were able to run around with other kids like the little goofballs that they are. P is still a little shy around other kids, but Matt jumped in and had some fun on the slide and in the sandbox.

In the evening, Grandma Bo came over to babysit so that Mike and I could go to the 16th birthday bash of our good friends’ daughter. As with everything these friends of ours do, it was over the top and fabulous. M, their daughter, is absolutely beautiful and was pretty thrilled with all of her friends and family coming to celebrate her big birthday with her. The party was at a hall and had a Mardi Gras theme – too much food, too much dessert and a lot of fun. I attempted to play photographer and I did get some good shots, but I’m just not very smooth with it. And taking pictures of teenagers dancing? Oy!! They were doing this whole mosh-pit-like bouncing thing to nearly every song; I felt O-L-D, but did enjoy watching them. 🙂 We got home well after midnight and we were both pretty beat.

The best part of the night? Coming home to the boys asleep and in their beds!! Grandma tried something new this time – reading books to them both at once and then putting P into his bed once he started getting fussy and rubbing his eyes. Once he nodded off, she was able to read more to Matt. He woke up SUPER happy this morning. Thank heavens for my mommy – we’re so lucky to have her near enough to count on.

Today was I’m-cleaning-the-house-until-it-sparkles-if-it-takes-me-all-flippin-day day. I’m happy to report that I accomplished said goal. My house is clean and I am happy. I love my house when it’s clean; I could take it or leave it (more likely leave it!) when it’s a mess. My mom, who never comments on my messy house, told the boys she was going to ground me once she saw my bedroom! 😆

So, my Dyson is resting comfortably after getting a huge workout. My laundry is folded, and put away. There is room in the playroom to….wait for it…..PLAY!!! hehe. 🙂

And we didn’t even have to make dinner tonight since we brought home leftovers from the party last night!!


Our state is about 90 minutes away from going on shutdown if they can’t reach a compromise about how to fix the budget. State. Shutting Down. WTF?!? I swear, I voted for the governor the first time, but there was a reason I didn’t the second time (she won anyway) – this would be one of them. The budget? Been an issue, oh, I don’t know, for quite a few years now, so why is it that they have to wait until the LAST minute? And by the way, WHY can’t these people compromise? Dumb politics. I heard one lady say that her constituents spoke very clearly that they don’t want taxes to be raised. Er, uh, REALLY? Let’s be realistic – raise some taxes, cut some funding vs. government shutting down? Hmm….wonder which would be better?

Oh, and if you were in Michigan and camping today? Too bad for you!

Here’s what you won’t be able to do in Michigan if the government can’t get their heads out of their arses tonight.

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Shine October 1, 2007 at 5:02 am

I agree, there really isn\'t anything better than a clean house!! Too bad it takes a party at my house to make it happen!! LOL!


Shine October 1, 2007 at 12:02 pm

I agree, there really isn’t anything better than a clean house!! Too bad it takes a party at my house to make it happen!! LOL!


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