Can’t sleep

August 1, 2007 · 0 comments

I was up a little after 6 this morning; P slept ALL NIGHT in his own bed and the fact that my sleep was largely uninterrupted combined with the gazillion things I have to do today to get ready to leave tomorrow resulted in my being w-i-d-e awake.

Those things I have to do? I’m now afraid to do them. Laundry, cleaning, dishes…do NOT want to wake up sleeping lads. So I am visiting bloggy land and finishing my packing lists.

Wow. I am super excited (hehe – I feel like some cheerleader chick named Buffy or something – in my head it was actually more like : I am SO, like, SOO-PER EXcitED!) My dress should arrive today so no worries about packing it. A few last minute items from the store (always, right? No matter how far in advance you plan, you always need something!). And a quick trip to the office to finish payroll and we’ll be ready to hit the road! 😀

The dogs are going to the in-laws tonight and the cats will have the house to themselves. It’ll probably take a day or two for them to make it to the main level of the house – they’ve been basically living in our room since Maggie came home almost a year ago now! Actually, Phil comes down and torments her sometimes. 🙂

Ok, I can’t do it anymore – there must be something I can do somewhat quietly!

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