Short and sweet

July 31, 2007 · 0 comments

After playing with these turtles in the empty bathroom trash can, my son puts the trash can on his head like a hat and says..

“It smells turtley in here!”


We’re walking out of Joann’s today and there is a McDonald’s across the parking lot.  Matt, who doesn’t really notice it because he’s riding in the cart, says to me:

“Do you smell a Happy Meal?”  LOL.

Both boys fell asleep in the car on the way home. I’m sitting in the garage with my car that is running (it’s like 90 degrees out and too hot without the air conditioning) waiting for them to wake up.

I could probably get P inside, but no matter what I do, Matt is going to be Super Crank when he wakes up.  Yes, naps generally make most people happy, but not my kid.  He’ll be mad that we’re home already (even though he was totally ready to come home) and want to go somewhere else.  I’m hoping he doesn’t pee in his sleep.  He’s wearing underwear and that would totally freak him out and make him want to go back to diapers again today.  UGH.  He’s one tough potty trainee, that boy.

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