Attack of the small boys

July 19, 2007 · 0 comments

Such an interesting day we’re having here in Casa de Loco!  Matt has been alternately cranky and bunches of fun; P has been alternately fun and a troublemaker.  In the first few hours of the day, Preston

  • Dumped out the entire carousel of crayons
  • Proceeded to throw said crayons across the room
  • Laughed when I told him no
  • Dumped over a vase of flowers (yes, they were within reach, but they’ve been in the same spot since Saturday with nary a look from the small boy)
  • Asked for bearjuiceblankcouch no less than 5 6 times
  • Stuffed 3 fig newtons in his mouth at once and amazingly, did not choke
  • Gave the dog a crayon to chew on
  • Dumped out a box full of train tracks and trains
  • Got thunked in the head by the front door (technically, by me, since I was trying to close it and didn’t see him come around behind me)
  • Gone through no less than 6 cups of ‘juice’ and probably 1.5 times as many diapers
  • Named the colors of many crayons, but not correctly.  🙂
  • is on his third shirt of the day

Matt, on the other hand,

  • has whined incessantly at least 4 times, with incessantly lasting about 5-10 minutes each time
  • has said “I’m not ready yet!” about 7 times (equal to the number of times I attempted to get him to wear underwear)
  • built cushion towers in the doorway of the playroom and then whined when I decided that it wasn’t a good idea
  • made his own cardboard box car
  • made up a fantastic dance to the sound of popping packing bubbles
  • broke 2 crayons on purpose before I noticed
  • broke the antenna to the remote control car by running into the wall with it (do we need to discuss the running with a skinny metal object in his hands?)
  • decided he could cut a hole in cardboard with a butter knife, causing his brother to tantrum because he needs on too.
  • wrote his name, twice (one time he swapped the M and the A, but still!)

The day is still young; I can only dream of what is next!  Rainy, super muggy day promises no outside time for the boys, and I’m NOT going to the mall with them again – I can’t get anything done!  The house had hopes of being clean, but that was fleeting.  I had hopes of accomplishing something, but screw it.

Ugh, tantrum number 4,206 – later!

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