What a bunch of BS!

May 17, 2007 · 0 comments

Seriously, why DO I watch this crap television?????!!!!!???  I realize that season finales are supposed to leave you wondering, but aren’t they also supposed to leave you wanting more?  There were like, I don’t know, as many loose ends as main characters and that’s just freaking annoying!!!!!  Not one single happy ending, not one thing tied up in a pretty little bow.  If I didn’t like the writing and show so much, I would write it off and completely refuse to watch it next season!

Alas, I will wait anxiously for the season premiere.  <sigh>

Ordered new carpet for the office today!   :D   We are all so excited.  Everyone is willing to pitch in and help clean stuff up so we can get it as quick as possible.  Today we tackled the back room; soon we will be removing the OLD cabinets and countertop and put in new shelves.  H. wants to take a sledge hammer to the cabinets (which, I believe, are older than I am), which would be SO fun, but since we still need the walls intact, I guess we’ll go with a drill instead. :lol:  In the meantime, I have a car packed to the gills with stuff that needs to go to storage.  Busy day tomorrow.  😀

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