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Hello out there blogland peeps! I’m a wee bit sleepy and giddy this morning (day 2 of going to bed after midnight and the boys getting up before 7am).

My trip to the Scrapbook Expo yesterday was very successful.  I bought a lot of cool new stuff, got some great deals and enjoyed my alone day. After the scrapbook purchasing extravaganza, I hit the Scholastic Book Warehouse Sale and picked up over $200 worth of books for $100.  And since they’re kids books, that a LOT of books.  :mrgreen:  Yippee! Now, if we could just get Matt back to reading before bed and Preston into being read to, we’d be golden!  I love me some books!

I didn’t mean to concern M yesterday when I was talking about things that I learned from my mom.  I seriously did not even think that writing about not staying in a bad marriage would elicit any response from him at all, especially given the fact that he knows my mom is on her 4th marriage.  Needless to say when he pointed out that it could be taken the wrong way, I insisted he comment on my post to explain.  Well, that didn’t happen exactly as asked!! Just to clarify, my marriage is wonderful and even if it sucked, I wouldn’t jump ship. The child of a combined 5 divorces between parents does not get divorced.  😀 So there, he’s stuck with me!!

Geez.  Give me a few minutes of quiet time and I can’t even think of anything to blog about.  Maybe later….  And no, you can’t get those 2 minutes of your life it took you to read this back.  No refunds, no exchanges, all blogs final.


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