Another late night or why Matt shouldn’t nap

April 20, 2007 · 0 comments

I took a ride today…. Mike and I decided it would be best to get some errands done while my mom was home with the boys instead of riding together to try and keep them from being totally over-stimulated like last night….didn’t work so well….more in a sec.

Anyway, the weather was absolutely fabulous today and I headed out for a nice long ride. Had my cool new Keen sandals on (I like this about the manufacturer), had my computer hooked up, my cool biker capris on, and a full water bottle. The sun was shining and and there was nary a breeze…I went through town, through the cemetery, back around the lake and down to one of the new subdivisions (holy monstrous houses, batman!!) and back home. I felt good the whole way, traffic wasn’t too bad and I even made it up to 20 mph at one point!! Phew! Grand totals: 9.8 miles, 53 minutes. For some reason I thought it was longer, but hey, it’s not too bad!!  I just wish people in their cars would share the road a little better.  Most drivers are decent and move over a little, but some people just don’t seem to understand that I can’t get over any further without killing myself in the gravel or potholes on the shoulder.  Cycling these days, around here any way, certainly cannot be done without paying complete and total attention.  No daydreaming for me!!  🙂

Last night we went to celebrate my dad-in-law’s birthday, so the boys were totally over-stimulated after a day with their babysitter and then play time with Nina and Silly Grandpa + cake and ice cream.  Preston slept horribly and Matt was up until after 11 (they both took naps yesterday afternoon).  We thought some “quiet” playtime with G.Bo would allow for a little quieter day and a better night of sleep.  Yeah….not so much.  A beautiful spring day indoors? Not!  Outside play with the neighbors turned into dinner together on the deck and more play after dark in the house.  Matt, once again, took a nap today (he actually asked permission to take a nap at 9:30 this morning!) so here it is, after 11pm and I can barely keep my eyes open, Mike has disappeared to the bedroom, Preston is in bed and I am on the couch, listening to the crickets and watching ‘What Not To Wear’.

[I’ve always pronounced Empire Waist like Empire State Building. Apparently it’s OM-PIER.  Oops]

I think I hear snoring from the bedroom.  🙁

Tomorrow will probably be a bike-free day, as we are going to be doing a ton of walking at Greenfield Village to see Thomas the Tank Engine. Wonder if the boys will make room in the wagon for mama….

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