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I went for my second opinion on getting my wisdom teeth extracted. The new doctor agrees with the previous. I really don’t want to get them taken out because I feel like it’s an unnecessary surgery. And given my past issues with antibiotics after my c-sections, I’m a little paranoid about needing one. In addition, I know it’ll probably put me out of commission for a couple of days and who has time for that???? Oh, and the final issue? The oral surgeon let me know that if the tooth is in the nerve channel, there could be a side effect of numbness in my lip(s) and/or tongue. It could last a couple of days, weeks, months or even be permanent. Hmmm. Of course, they say the older you get, the worse everything is – how impacted the teeth are, where they are in the nerve channel and jaw, and recovery.

Why didn’t anyone recommend this years ago when I was young and careless. Now I have other things to worry about; I’m older and more cautious and slightly more afraid of something bad happening.

In other news, my brother’s birthday was in March while my dad was in Florida.  Now it’s time for the obligatory meal out to celebrate (yes, a month later).  While I don’t mind a free meal, I think the whole obsession with getting together for the birthdays is a little over the top these days (and I’m not alone – I have friends that have the same issue!).  Seriously, when they originally planned this dinner, it was for tonight about 6:00.  I said it was too late for the boys to be going out, but they should go and have fun.  A couple hours later, we get a phone call asking about lunch on Sunday instead! It’s NOT MY BIRTHDAY!  Why can’t they just go out with my brother and wife and have a nice time without us?  I mean, even as fantastic as my boys are, it’s still a huge production to take them out to a restaurant, just because of how old they are.  And honestly, when we go out just our little family, it’s fine because it’s just us.  But when we go out with other people, even though it’s family, I just can’t relax and I certainly can’t just sit around and chat.  The boys need constant attention – more juice, more snacks, more distraction.  Obviously, who we’re dining with makes a difference, too.  My mom is fabulous about distracting the boys and would rather pay attention to them anyway!  But my dad and his wife like to have real, uninterrupted conversations.  It’s very obvious that they have no recollection of having kids this young.


I guess I’d better make a decision.

Good news!  One of my favorite employees is going to come back next month! She’s a college student and home for the summer.  She’s so friendly and smart and sweet, it’s a real boost in morale to just have her in the office – and the girls need that right now.  They’re a bit overworked (although I think they hurt themselves a lot, but what do I know? It’s not like they really listen to me anyway even though I’ve been there, done that!)

The sun is shining today (finally!) and although it is only going to be about 49 degrees, I think we’ll try to get outside for a bit, even if just to clean up the backyard. We’re all feeling a bit of cabin fever.

Matt is doing FANTASTIC with the potty thing.  He’s worn underwear all week so far and his accidents are few; I am SO proud of him, and I think he’s pretty pleased with himself as well.  When he gets tired at the end of the day, he wants a diaper, but I think that’s ok for now. It’ll be a while before he’s ready to go all night without one, so no biggie.  Tomorrow we’re going to ToysRUs to get him a new something to celebrate (and motivate).

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<![CDATA[jen]]&gt April 13, 2007 at 5:26 pm

i am sorry about the teeth. but happy about the toilet training. excellent! it\'s huge, isn\'t it?


April 14, 2007 at 12:26 am

i am sorry about the teeth. but happy about the toilet training. excellent! it’s huge, isn’t it?


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