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Well, it’s over.  My sons are fearless. They have discovered that there is seemingly nothing they can’t do.  Today has been quite an adventure.

First, Matt decided that standing on the windowsill in the family room was a good way to check on the dog.

Then, they both decide to come out with bare feet on to the deck where I’m talking to the neighbor. Next thing I know, Preston is screaming.  I look around frantically, thinking he’s IN THE HOUSE.  My neighbor points to my deck stairs. P. is at the bottom, standing in BARE feet on some of the ice that is remaining. OY!! Nice parenting skills there, eh? I grab him and bring him back up, no biggie. Still, no shoes.  Ok, so I didn’t have socks or shoes on, but I’m an ADULT!  So, I get them some sandals (oh, and pants for P, since he was pantless) and let them play.  All is well.  I come inside to get a little work done, listening for screams. All I hear is cars and giggles.  {For the record, it’s 65 and sunny today}

Then silence.

I jump up to see why.  As a parent, the ONLY time you want silence is in the middle of the night, and in this house, that’s pretty hard to come by, so daytime silence is even scarier.  I sprint to the deck and the boys are GONE. Panic for a nanosecond, because then I see Matt on his swingset tower.  I shut the gate!!  He knows how to open it now.  They had no fear of going into the backyard (I’m kind of glad, but in the real world, we don’t have a fence, and it’s just not truly safe these days).


They are the very definition of innocence.

Playing, Matt answers.

I had to smile. Of course they were playing.  They’re little boys with a swingset on a gorgeous nearly-spring day.

So I told them to never do that again (and answered WHY? 50 times), and jumped on the swings with them.

When we came back in, Matt decided standing on the windowsill in the front room was a good idea.

Heaven help me, I have a feeling this is only just beginning.  😀

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