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Finally, there is snow to go along with the flippin cold temperatures around here!! We got about 7 inches overnight so there is snow snow snow everywhere!! The boys and I went out to play for awhile (pictures coming soon!) and took the pup with us. Talk about psycho! The dog was all over the place, jumping, sprinting, eating…completely snow covered the whole time. Matt did some shoveling, Preston did a lot of pointing and saying either “SNOW” or “PLANE” (both happened a lot since it snowed and we live a mere 12 miles from the airport!!). 😆 I attempted to get out a sled and drag them around, but while Matt enjoyed it, Preston fell backward immediately and got snow in his gloves and it was all over!

Matt was having a good day, but his crankiness comes and goes in a heartbeat! It’s funny because when he’s happy and in a good mood and excited about something he doesn’t stop talking. Literally. He’s been doing so many age-appropriate bratty things that I can’t even comprehend where they come from and how to end them. We did have a breakthrough tonight though when Mike said he was going to count to three and if he didn’t pick up the plastic pizza he threw at me, he was getting a time out. At first he balked, but then when the counting began, he picked up the pizza! Mike and I were astounded. Perhaps it will work again, perhaps it won’t. I’m just tired of him being so bratty. Like when he randomly wants something Preston has, just because he has it (today’s item? a monster size blanket that the whole family can fit under, but he couldn’t share from the other side of the couch because he just wanted it). And while we were outside, Matt is shoveling, playing and then Preston goes to get in the police car and Matt suddenly needs to drive it. <SIGH> I feel bad for Preston, but know he’s pretty resilient. More-so, I feel annoyed and frustrated at Matt’s behavior. I want to have my own tantrum (and sometimes do, to be honest!)

I’ve taken on a new project (of course I don’t have time!). I decided to update my Designs website and was trying to take pictures of my new chains when I realized there was a better way. A Light Tent (Box)! I found some directions on how to make one of my own and got busy. A couple of disappointing hours later, I took a break. This morning I did some troubleshooting and made some modifications. Better, but not enough. Then I discovered natural sunlight (as opposed to the fake kind) streaming in the front door…almost, but not quite! And then my hubby surprised me with a Promaster Lite Tent when he got home. (tired of my complaining via email all day, I’d guess!) So Happy Valentine’s Day to me! 🙂 A quick trip for one more desk lamp and I’ll be snapping away tomorrow night! I’ll be sure to post some pics so you can see what the heck I’m talking about. 😉

ETA: I was reading through my blogroll and wanted to make sure you all realized that there are mothers out there who apparently missed out on the whole mommy-brain thing!  This post was fabulous – so well thought out and thought-provoking and intelligent that while I appreciated it and enjoyed it and thought it through, it made me feel like an idiot.  😀   While I’ve never been extraordinarily eloquent with my words, and writing has always been a joy of mine, there is no way I could have written her post. No. Possible. Way.  I can barely remember to do dishes or get things done during the day.  The amount of thought I put into my posts are generally as deep as I can get these days.  What happened to my smart brain? How do I write like her????

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