Super Bowl Sunday!

February 4, 2007 · 0 comments

Today is the day…a day of laziness, gluttony and basic couch potatoness. (yes, it’s a word! Only here though – don’t go using it out in the real world or anything!) Unfortunately, my day of lazy started at 6:20 AM, and was followed by an early morning showing of Polar Express (during which I was not allowed to sleep or leave the playroom), Mission to Mars and then, just as I was dozing off in the chair, breakfast was ready! Mike & the boys made pancakes and sausage and eggs. Yummers!! I am so full and sleepy again.

P slept in his own bed until 6:15 this morning. We had to go in to him twice during the night, but he stayed in there! That duct tape sure does work wonders! :mrgreen: Kidding! I took the small fry to the doctor yesterday, as the middle of the night banshee screaming seemed unrelated to anything we could verify. Of course, the doctor said my boy is perfectly healthy (30 lbs of healthy, just so ya know what kind of weight I’m carrying around – in addition to my own excess, that is). Best guess the good doctor had is night terrors.  I suppose it could be (at least the other night when he barely had his eyes open and was totally flipping out).  It could be that he’s super attached to us and doesn’t want to sleep alone.  I’ll work out; Matt didn’t sleep with us forever!

The puppy is running around like a maniac and we can’t find her little buzzer thing. Along those same lines, we can’t find Matt’s pac anywhere either. Personally, I think it’s a good thing…I’ve been wanting him to give it up for a long time now. The whole paci fairy thing isn’t working and he knows we can buy more at the store, no matter how much I lie to him tell him otherwise.

Mike likes to get Matt to repeat lines from movies and songs and it always cracks me up.  The latest one (which is in addition to lines from A Few Good Men), is:

[Mike] Breaking rocks in the ________  [Matt] hot sun!!!!

[Mike] I fought the law and the ______  [Matt] hot sun!!

And then peals of laughter as Mike says NO, the law won!

It is so ridiculously cold out – wind chills in the -10 to -15 range, and I have to go out in it today. Oy vey!!!  Good night to cuddle up under the blankies and watch commercials  football.  Go Colts! (for no other reason than I don’t like da Bears!)


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