If I Should Fall From Grace With God

January 24, 2007 · 0 comments

(The Pogues)

Today was a better day. The boys were happy, we got to leave the house with a minimal amount of fussing, and we had fun. πŸ˜€ A trip to Target where the boys were allowed to run amok and like the wind. Target is fabulous in the middle of the day for running like the wind – fewer people and the ones who are there are generally parents, too. Matt was fantastic, staying with me and watching out for his brother; Preston on the other hand was every where! He’s hilarious – short legs running as fast as he can until Dora jumps into his line of sight and then it’s DORA! DORA! (or insert known character here…Blue, Backyardigans…) and a stop so sudden I nearly run over him with the big red cart. πŸ™‚ Then he was sprinting across the ‘road’ (the main aisles) and I said ‘Hey, stop! You’re going to get run over, you big dummy’. And grabbed my giggling little one. Then I stopped suddenly and realized what I said: I called my 16 month old a dummy in jest and realized that other people probably heard me and thought I was being serious! OY. Generally I don’t care about what people think about me or my parenting, but that’s the exact kind of thing that would make me cringe. I totally called myself out on it, too. Out loud.

When we got home we unpacked all the “junk” as Matt called it and then spent the remainder of the day playing and being goofballs around the house. It was nice. πŸ˜€

It’s about time to seriously consider what we’re doing for preschool for Matt. There don’t seem to be many options in our public school district, and I’m not quite sure where to go. I think I’ll check into the preschool at my mom’s (our?) church, though it is a bit of a drive… I’m just not sure where else to look. Research to begin asap!

It seems that both of my boys have some sort of psychic or intuitive feelings or thoughts or whatever and it got me to thinking. I think we’re all born with some sort of deep intuition or psychic abilities, but that as we get older they get squashed down or forgotten or simply ignored. Matt has always done or said things that are a bit freaky-cool. For instance, the night we were listening to Christmas music and he said “Oh, that’s the song from Polar Express” and Mike and I were like, No, it’s not..and then the song changed and damned if it wasn’t!! Pretty cool. There have been a lot of examples of it, but then today, we’re walking through the clothes at Target and there is this shirt that reads ” My Dad is Cool” or something of that nature, and P. rushes up to it and says DADDA! So, either my 16 mo. old can read or…what? Pretty cool and freaky, eh?? Anyway, it got me wondering if there is a way to encourage or continue the intuition. I think I’ve heard it referred to as crystal children or something….should check that out, too.

I’ve been watching First Daughter. Makes me wonder what really happened to Katie Holmes. I certainly don’t know her, but I wonder if the whole Tom Cruise thing is real and it’s all as good as it should be. Just a random thought there. πŸ˜‰

The State of the Union address was tonight. I watched the introduction. Amazing the way both Dems and Repubs work the cameras and try to get face time with the President, even though they despise him and/or his policies. Personally, if my congresspeople were jumping in front of the camera like that and they’d been elected specifically because of their opposing viewpoints, I’d be pretty annoyed. My cousin’s hubby is a huge political guy – it’s who he is and what he does. Suffice to say, I’ll NEVER talk, let alone argue politics with him, but I am impressed by his knowledge and interest. I believe that our country could be a good place, politically, again if there were a lot less petty politicking and more interest in what’s going on instead of personal gains. But hey, can’t see that changing any time soon, so I’ll keep voting for the lesser of two evils at election time. My original point, honestly, was that I kind of felt bad for Bush walking out there. Must suck to have your approval rating in the toilet and have an horrible war hanging over your head that you know in your heart that we can’t win (because does anyone really ever win a war? No.), and have to face Congress and the Nation with no new or good news. Wouldn’t want to do it. President? Not enough money in the world. Now, Martin Sheen…or Michael Douglas…or Michael Keaton…they’d get my vote!!! πŸ˜€

I guess I’d better get to bed. I so enjoy this quiet, alone time in my comfy easy chair, but morning will come quick, and P. will probably be in our bed faster than that! We’re going bed shopping for him this weekend. Matt was just about this age when we switched him. My boys just don’t seem to like the crib – too small, not soft enough? Who knows, but if I can (or Mike can, LOL) jump into bed with him, instead of him in our bed, it would probably be better.

OH! I thinking of switching cell services because I really want a multi-use phone – something I can organize myself with as well as talk on. I’m looking at the Blackberry Pearl or the Blackjack or something similar. Anyone have any opinions, good or bad?

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