Breathe (2 am)

January 23, 2007 · 0 comments

(Anna Nalick)

Yesterday was a crappy day.  We all slept for junk the night before and Matt woke up cranky, therefore, so did I.  He didn’t want to do anything all day so I was frustrated with hearing him say NO all day long.  When Mike finally got home and I left for the bank, Matt was screaming.  When I got home, 15 minutes later, still screaming.  He eventually calmed down, but what a yucky day.  And of course, I ate junky and didn’t exercise because I was in a mood.  But, after the boys went to bed, I did some beading and felt better.  And then, since it was a night the boys were sleeping well, the dog was a PITA (pain in the a$$ for those who don’t know!) There was a dog in our backyard yesterday, pretty much all day, and the dorkdog was all flustered and needed to check it out like every ten minutes, and again at 2am.  Oy.

In other news, my son is a trouble maker.  LOL.  :D  He’s just ‘rolled’ two big cars down the stairs to see what would happen and hear the crash.  This is after he broke his own little vacuum doing the same thing.  Truthfully, it doesn’t bother me that the vac doesn’t talk anymore – makes it that much better of a toy if you ask me!!

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